Elise Chalmin triple the views of her first Live Shopping replay

Elise Chalmin brand has tripled the replay views compared to the live events. With a 5% conversion rate for replays, this has led to 100 product pages being viewed.

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Elise Chalmin is a French fashion designer specializing in the creation of clothing and fashion accessories. Her eponymous brand, Elise Chalmin, is known for its colorful and contemporary feminine aesthetic. Her collections typically include clothing, bags, scarves, and other accessories, all designed with meticulous attention to detail and quality.

The brand is often associated with original and playful patterns, vibrant colors, and unique designs. Her creations aim to bring freshness and joy while remaining elegant and modern. Her brand primarily caters to a female audience in search of original and creative pieces for their wardrobe.

The challenge

Elise Chalmin, the brand, is recognized for its distinctive style and bold vision. The Elise Chalmin brand stands out for its unique, ethically produced pieces, promoting a responsible approach to fashion. The brand has a large community of enthusiasts who are true brand ambassadors.

By introducing a new strategy to its community, the brand aims to use Live Shopping as a platform to showcase its different collections, not only by presenting them worn, but also by demonstrating how to accessorize them.

The solution

Elise Chalmin fully embodies the spirit of her brand through a communication authentic. On the Instagram platform, the brand puts forth considerable efforts to actively engage its community. It regularly conducts polls that allow its followers to influence decisions regarding upcoming collections, thus creating a strong bond between the designer and her customers.

The visuals shared are not only highly colorful but also reflect Elise Chalmin's unique personality and creativity. By offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of her Live Shopping sessions, the brand invites its audience to discover what happens behind the scenes, thereby strengthening the sense of belonging to an exclusive community. This transparent and interactive approach reflects the designer's passion for her craft and illustrates the brand's commitment to providing a unique and captivating experience for its loyal customers.

"With the LiveMeUp application it's great to be able to leave the replay on your website".

Laia, E-Commerce Director at Elise Chalmin

The results

In addition to hosting its own Live Shopping events, the Elise Chalmin brand values keeping the replay of these events on its highly appreciated website, which generates a significant amount of traffic. Thanks to its engaging social media communication, the Elise Chalmin brand has tripled the replay views compared to the live events. With a 5% conversion rate for replays, this has led to 100 product pages being viewed.

In addition to organizing its own live shopping sessions, the brand places great importance on curating replays on its e-commerce site, where viewers can continue to shop based on the products featured in the videos. This strategy has proved extremely successful, as the brand's engaging social media communication has increased traffic to its website.

The approach of combining Live Shopping, preserving and sharing replays, and maintaining ongoing interaction on social media creates a cycle that strengthens its online presence and commercial success.

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