Roll On Jade uses Live Shopping Replay to boost conversions by 10

With an average replay time of 13 minutes, Melody was able to attract the attention of her community by inviting them to watch the replay of her live show. She gets 9x more viewers in replay than in live with a 10x higher conversion rate in replay.

+ 300
Replay sessions views within 24h
Replay average viewing time
Replay conversion rate increase

Roll on Jade: the reference for gua sha since 2018 !

Founded in 2018 by Melody, Roll on Jade is a French brand that offers a wide range of beauty and massage tools for the face and body. Since she was young, Melody has wanted to bring beauty and well-being rituals through natural techniques with her different products sold on her website.

The challenge

Roll on Jade offers a wide range of products that meet specific needs. With its strong community, the brand strongly values exchange and sharing. The brand wants to increase the engagement of its community with an innovative solution that complements its activity on social networks.

Passionate about lithotherapy and natural medicines, Melody wants to bring a new dimension to her brand.

Live shopping quickly became an opportunity for the brand. It gave Melody new ideas to interact with its community and present its new products.

The solution

Roll on Jade chooses the Live me up application to broadcast one live shopping per month to present its product range. This solution will allow Melody to broadcast live on its e-commerce site and then make them available in replay.

Melody invites its community to participate in the live and watch the replay by leveraging the Klaviyo platform and Instagram stories. Melody takes its strategy one step further! At the end of the live, Melody adds on the product sheet of the tools she presents in live, a tag "seen in live" with the link of the replay in which she talks about the product.

At the end of her Live, Melody posts a final Instagram story to invite everyone who was absent during the Live to watch the replay on her website. 

The brand's founder has many ideas to please her live community!


Live from the United States, Melody started its live by announcing a promo code of -15% on a range of products. A few days earlier, on the Instagram account of Roll On Jade, the brand had presented a contest to win a box with several products. Melody finished by explaining, in instagram story, that the winners of the contest will be announced at the end of her next live shopping. A good way to increase its number of viewers both live and replay!

“The LiveMeUp platform allowed us to take off our sales by offering unique content to our audiences”

Melody, Roll On Jade Founder

The results

Roll on Jade's lives are watched in replay by more than 300 viewers in 24 hours

With more than 700 viewers in replay and an average presence time of 13 minutes, the brand gives a very powerful second life to its live thanks to the replay and increases by 10x the conversion rate of its product pages. Live shopping also allowed the brand to considerably increase the engagement of its community.

In the future, Melody wants to use duplex to accelerate its expansion in the US. This feature will soon be available on Live me up.

Credit photo : Roll On Jade

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