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Youtube launches its first Live Shopping channel

This is a first for Youtube, which is opening a Live Shopping channel in a country around the world.
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July 10, 2023

South Korea is a dynamic market for e-commerce, with strong demand and a clear and precise shopping culture. By launching a live shopping channel in South Korea, Youtube is well positioned to follow the trend and meet consumers' needs.

It's in Asia that the novelty is taking place. Head for South Korea, to discover a first on the Youtube platform: a live shopping channel.

Youtube is embarking on a new adventure: teleshopping 2.0

Unlike Meta, Youtube wants to take the live video commerce process a step further. The streaming video platform has announced the launch of its first live shopping channel. According to Yonhap, South Korea's largest news agency, Youtube will launch its live shopping channel on June 30. The platform already has live video streams dedicated solely to shopping, but with the rise of live shopping in Asia, Youtube wanted to go one step further to introduce this new practice. Indeed, for some content creators, it was already possible to add certain products under their videos to enable their community to buy easily.

More than 30 brands are taking part in the launch of this first live shopping channel to present their products. The names of the brands are still a secret to everyone! The goal is to offer brands the opportunity to sell their products by giving them greater visibility thanks to the video format, as well as involving them in a unique and engaging experience.

According to Youtube, it's easier for users to buy via their favorite content creator than on a website. Youtube has chosen the Asian market, where live commerce is booming!

Youtube continues to improve the user experience by developing new features on Youtube Shopping. But Youtube isn't stopping there! After seeing the results of its novelty, it plans to expand its offer to all markets!

We've noticed, however, that this isn't everyone's priority! Indeed, the Meta group has decided to stop developing live shopping on its Facebook and Instagram app to concentrate on its core functionalities. To find out more about this phenomenon, read our article: Why is Instagram stopping live shopping?

But there are other tools available for live shopping. One example is LiveMeUp, a Saas-based live shopping platform that integrates with all Shopify sites in just one click. As with Youtube, all you need is a phone and a computer to go live from your e-commerce site.

What's LiveMeUp all about? This platform has recently added simulcasting, which consists of simultaneous streaming on your social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and even Youtube. 

For Youtube, it's a real step towards a new use of social networks to enable e-tailers to increase their sales on a new channel.

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