Live Shopping Education - Objective: Analytics #9

Measuring and analyzing Live Shopping performances is crucial for success. After this step, you'll have a clearer picture to continue and innovate. The LiveMeUp dashboard provides you with all the visibility you need to measure and analyze your Live Shopping sessions and Replays.

Here are 3 key actions for measurement and analysis to optimize your strategy:

  1. Define your KPIs: As we've seen throughout the episodes of this newsletter, set quantifiable goals to know where you want to go. Project your conversion rate, engagement rate, average viewing duration, generated sales, etc. Then, you can determine if these objectives have been achieved or how to reach them.
  2. Cross-reference data: Collect e-commerce data available on Google Analytics and Shopify and cross-reference them with your Live data available on the LiveMeUp dashboard. Compare the performance of your Lives and Replays with website visits and conversion spikes.
  3. Request feedback: Question your audience to gather comments and opinions. During your Lives, encourage viewers to share their impressions and suggestions. This feedback will provide valuable information about the success of your operations, the most popular products, appreciated features, and more. Use this feedback to refine your Live Shopping strategy and offer an even better experience to your audience.

Ready to measure and analyze your performances to enhance your Live Shopping?

We'll see you soon for the 10th episode with a new goal to aim for, to make Live an essential tool in generating your revenues.

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