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What is live shopping?

Launched in Asia a few months ago, live shopping is a sales gas pedal based on a brand new interactive customer experience. In a live stream, a host displays products while chatting with a community of viewers who can purchase the product featured on the stream. Sales take place live or on replays.

The Live Me Up app available in one-click on the Shopify app store brings you all the essential features to get started and scaling.

The one-to-many stream videos will allow you to showcase your products and the automatically generated replays create qualified traffic on your site or can be easily turn into highly engaging ads.

Influencer presenting clothes during a Live stream shopping event

What are the benefits of live stream shopping events ?

High conversion rates and higher engagement

Live shopping and content created through streaming (replay videos) can deliver an experience far beyond that of an in-store. The customer can appreciate the time spent with the brand and the simplicity: the livestream simplify the checkout for example. An exceptional experience for the customer and for the brand, which sees an increase in sales.

If your marketing strategy is focused on selling more, then the stream offers a great customer experience and an ideal solution for your ecommerce.
Live Me Up is an app that offers a native integration on Shopify, downloadable in one-click a platform that you can test for free!

Lower returns rate and refunds

Returned products are a headache for your logistics. Live shopping allows the customer to chat with your brand. As a tool to develop the social link, the livestream solution develops your ecommerce because now the features of the products are much more obvious for the customers. The more the customers see the products, the more they add products to their cart that they are almost sure to keep once purchased.

Show your products and allow viewers to better see colors, shapes and textures. Sizes and proportions are also better figured out, for an pondered purchase, which drastically decreases the return rate!

Session Live Shopping Tralala
Two influencers presenting products during a live shopping event

The ability to demonstrate products across a range of categories

Thanks to a live shopping app, you can decide to put forward products that your customers are not used to see.
You will certainly notice on a tool like Google Analytics that some products are not seen at all by your customers on your ecommerce. Live commerce allows you to bring out new best sellers: videos created from live shows (replays) will help your brand to sell more.

Our Software As A Service (SaaS) will also help your marketing team monitor your KPI to enhance your offer and you customer support team to improve customer relationship.


Unmatched performance


conversion rate


of visitors who come back to your site after the live


engagement rate


A Live Shopping solution designed for engagement and conversion

The customer who watches the live stream can instantly purchase the property thanks to the product catalogue feed on the same page. No need to leave the live, everything is at hand ! Live shopping allows you to increase your engagement rate, to increase your brand awareness but above all to increase your sales !

Shopping cart icon

1 click add-to-cart

A fluid and seamless shopping experience in live and replay. Users fill and validate their shopping cart during the live stream without having to leave the interface.

Mobile first icon

Mobile First

A video capture from smartphone to make the live shopping experience accessible to brands, their employees and influencers.

True real time icon

True Real Time

Our lives do not suffer from latency. All your audiences are always in sync, no matter where they are, to ensure an immersive and interactive experience.

Interface customization icon


Logo, colors, fonts. Offer an attractive and familiar live experience, in line with your brand.

Dashboard icon

Dashboard performance

Learn from the performance of your lives and the behavior of your participants with quantitative and qualitative behavioral data

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Instant replay

Replay available right after your live with product sheets, add to cart and view chat so your customers who missed the event can connect and shop easily!


Native integrations to create lives in minutes

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Live shopping FAQ

Is live streaming commerce tele-shopping?

QVC (for Qualité, Valeur, Confiance (FR) and Quality, Value, Convenience (EN)) is a TV channel broadcasting home shopping and operating through an online site. This channel has understood everything that still makes the success of today's commerce: since its creation in 1986, QVC has invited entertainers and celebrities to sell their products.

Live video streaming is a step up from this experience provided by QVC: while TV shopping is a top-down channel, with no possibility of interaction, live streaming shopping is an exchange channel between the host and the audience. In real time, a Chat collects questions and comments. The products are tagged in the stream, the demonstration, the interaction and the purchase are gathered in the same place.

How does the Live Me Up live solution work ?

After downloading the app for Shopify or asking our team to help you integrate our solution for Prestashop or Woo-commerce, you finalize your Live shopping page on your site, connect your product catalog and create your first test event.During livestream shopping shows, viewers will have a seamless experience directly on your site.

They will be able to pay in the live event by accessing a fully secured checkout. If they are unsure about a product, they will also be able to ask questions and leave comments in the chat, they will even be able to like the products or add emojis! In fact, our platform allows your customers to engage like on social networks by using codes they already know. Engagement is thus made easier!

Is this a passing trend or is live shopping a growing trend?

In China, Live shopping is a multi-billion business where it is being hosted by influencers mainly.
The United States and Europe are following China, slowly but surely, as McKinsey forecasts that 10 to 20% of e-commerce will come from live commerce by 2026. As for customers, they want to live new experiences and say they value the quality of the experience more than the price.

How live streaming increases Sales ?

In a live commerce demonstration, the audience takes the time to look at a product instead of flying over it. The live show host will also highlight different features that a product page might not have detailed.

The customer sees the product in a new light, and is interested in new things. Think about all the experiences or products you wouldn't have lives/found out without your friends, it's the same!

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