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Live Shopping

Meet the first Live Shopping automation platform designed for Shopify brands.

Boost your marketing's KPI. Live Shopping and Shoppable Video Replay are designed to help you uplift your acquisition, conversion, engagement, retention and ultimately increase your Customer Lifetime Value.

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Built for your Shopify Store

Search for LiveMeUp on the Shopify App Store and install the app in one click. No hassle: admin and billing are handled within your Shopify account.  Your product catalog is always synchronized and we generate your Live Shopping page on your store. Simply create your event and you are live! Cherry on the cake, when your event is finished, you get a shoppable replay clip to keep your store video rich.

Admin & Billing


Automated Live
Shopping page

Plan & prepare
Live Shopping session

Embody your brand

Now is the time to tell your story and talk about you, your brand, your vision, your values as you promote your products.  Give voice to your world, influencers, collaborators, customers… Live Shopping sessions are authentic and joyful moments. So jump in and share your passion!

player event

Go Live
from smartphone

Engage your community

Write a brand new strategy to engage your community and increase your Customer Lifetime Value. Bring rhythm to your Shopify by engaging and chatting with your community regularly. When your Live event is done and Replay generated, share your fabulous content all over your social media !

Live chatting

Live MP4 shareable

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5 stars on Shopify App Store.
This app is user friendly, customizable to your brand and adds a ton of value to our customers which differentiates our business from the rest. Elena, Bruno and team have been fantastic to work with and their feedback is greatly appreciated.
Jaden Kim
Glownique, Canada
1st try with Live Me Up app, really great! We are renewing the experience very soon! The team guides us before, during and even after, there is really a personalized follow-up! The tool works well, easy to handle! I recommend :)
Marie Pequegnot
Saeve Paris, France
Very user-friendly application which delivers results. The support team have done everything they could to assist us in terms of making us proficient in using the app, receiving feedback etc. Would highly recommend.
Ana Navabi
Bags Chase, UK

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All about Live Shopping

Find here all the definitions and information
you need about Live Video Commerce.
What is video commerce?

Video commerce is an online selling method that uses videos to showcase and promote products to customers. It allows brands to create attractive and interactive visual content to boost sales and engage customers. Live shopping and shoppable videos are good examples of video commerce.

What is a shoppable video?

Shoppable video is an interactive form of video content that allows viewers to click on products featured in the video to get additional information and make purchases directly from the video. Shoppable video follows the same principles as live shopping but is pre-recorded and edited.

Can I purchase products directly from a shoppable video?

Yes, definitely! One of the main advantages of shoppable videos is that you can purchase the featured products directly from the video by clicking on the interactive zones and following the purchase steps.

What are the benefits of shoppable videos for customers?

Shoppable video provides customers with a more immersive and informative shopping experience. They can see the products in action, access detailed demonstrations, and make more informed purchasing decisions through interactive videos.

What is live shopping?

Live shopping - or live selling - is an interactive online shopping method where users can watch videos of products presented by experts, brand creators, or influencers, ask questions, and instantly make purchases of the featured items. Beyond social media, live shopping can also be done on an e-commerce website using specialized applications like LiveMeUp, available on Shopify. Read more about live shopping in this blog post.

Can I purchase products during a live shopping session?

Yes, absolutely! During a live shopping session, you can purchase the showcased products directly from the video by clicking on the embedded purchase links within the platform. Discover all live shopping's feature in this solution page.

What are the benefits of live shopping for customers?

Live shopping offers an immersive and interactive shopping experience. Customers can ask questions in real-time, get product demonstrations, and see the items in action, which boosts their confidence in making online purchases.

Which e-commerce platforms are compatible with live shopping and shoppable videos?

Live shopping and shoppable videos are primarily available on popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify. The LiveMeUp app is specifically designed to work with Shopify and is available in the Shopify App Store. It is a fast, seamless solution that doesn't require technical skills.