Nuoo boosts conversions by 35% with Shoppable Videos on its product pages

With Shoppable Video, Nuoo reassures consumers and presents key elements to help reduce hesitation and friction when making a purchase.

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About Nuoo

Nuoo Box is a brand specializing in natural and organic beauty products, featuring a careful selection of cosmetics that respect the environment, skin and animals.

Their bimonthly box offers a diverse range of six healthy and natural beauty discoveries, covering skincare, cosmetics, and hair care, all sourced from ethical and responsible brands.

By promoting a sustainable lifestyle and advocating for conscious beauty, Nuoo Box aims to raise awareness among its customers about making more responsible choices.

Currently, the brand distributes its products in seven stores across France, located in Paris, Orléans, Clermont-Ferrand, Angers, Nantes, Lyon, and Rennes.

The challenge

Due to intense competition in the market, beauty brands must intensify their efforts to reassure consumers and identify key elements to reduce hesitations and friction at the point of purchase.

The brand has formulated three objectives:

  • Making its product listings more dynamic: today, merely providing simple images no longer meets customers' expectations for engagement in their purchasing process.
  • Addressing concerns: choosing cosmetic products can be complex due to their varied specifics, and it's true that organic and natural cosmetic products often come with a slightly higher cost than average.
  • Injecting a touch of innovation: In a competitive market like the beauty brand industry, it's crucial to stand out by offering innovative tools.

The solution

Nuoo Box is collaborating with LiveMeUp to integrate Shoppable Videos into its product listings. Nuoo is reaching out to the brands featured on its website to provide pre-recorded videos of their products. This initiative enhances customer engagement and positively influences their purchasing decisions.

Three content ideas have captured our attention:

  • Presentation of the product's texture: by revealing the product's texture through a video, it provides consumers with a more concrete understanding, particularly relevant in the field of cosmetics, for those looking to purchase the product.
  • Product application: highly recommended by website visitors, demonstrating the steps for correctly applying the product is greatly appreciated.
  • Tips: frequently asked questions regarding usage frequency, application duration, etc. All these questions find their answers through the Shoppable Video on the product page.

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The results

Nuoo box started its collaboration with LiveMeUp 1 year ago, and since then, the brand has noticed a real evolution by seeing an increase in its engagement rate, but especially its conversion rate. The videos added to all its product pages have been viewed over 500 times in just 1 month. Thanks to Shoppable Videos, the Nuoo brand has seen an increase in its conversion rate of over 35%.

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