Video Commerce Certified Partners

Be part of the video commerce trend and stay one step ahead !

Shopify agency
The expert agency for design and marketing solutions.
E-commerce agency
DTC LIVE TV is the only eCom and DTC TV show on Sky TV.
Shopify agency
Web agency specializing in website creation and B2B B2C portals.
Marketing automation
Intelligent email marketing, sms, and automation for faster growth.

LobsTTer 🇫🇷

Shopify agency is a team of Shopify-certified experts.

Loyoly 🇫🇷

Loyalty solution
A loyalty and sponsorship platform, with UGC and reviews.

LVS Hub🇬🇧

Live Shopping agency
The livestream agency specializing in content creation.

Makappi 🇫🇷

Mobile app solution
Makappi offers to add a Mobile App to your Shopify store.

Payplug 🇫🇷

Payment solution
The payment solution for merchants of all sizes.

Napps 🇵🇹

Mobile app solution
Napps enables easy custom mobile app creation.

Piment 🇫🇷

Shopify agency
The e-commerce development agency to help you grow.

Quickfire Digital 🇬🇧

Shopify agency
The agency maximizes the potential of Shopify Plus.

Rainbow Studio 🇫🇷

Shopify agency
Rainbow designs and develops quality websites.

ShopiShopa 🇫🇷

Shopify agency
Shopi Shopa the first consulting company specializing Shopify Plus.

Store Commander 🇫🇷

Back office solution
The benchmark solution for day-to-day catalog optimization.

Stellar Projects 🇫🇷

Shopify agency
This agency designs e-commerce sites using Shopify & Shopify Plus

Tamara Agency 🇫🇷

Shopify agency
The Shopify certified agency specialized in custom website.

Unique Paris 🇫🇷

Shopify agency
Unique Paris helps brands create experiences on e-commerce sites.

Wisepops 🇫🇷

Marketing solution
Wisepops enables you to create popups, bars and embeds in minutes.

Woolman 🇫🇮

Shopify agency
The agency that excels in commercial, strategic solutions.