Frequently asked questions

How is LiveMeUp different?

Compared to other Live video commerce apps or traditional Live video platforms LiveMeUp offers:
- a very high video quality streaming (720HD) with 0 latency : any viewers anywhere are fully synchronized in true real-time
- a fully branded player on smartphone & PC : for your viewers the Live experience is yours with your brand's assets
- a dedicated landing page to host your Live and replays sessions including a link to your product pages : uplift up to 5x your product pages conversion rate
- a native integration on Shopify with catalog, price and stock real-time synchronization : the viewer experience is as qualitative in replay as it is in Live
- any time-zone customer support 24/7, you are Live, we are here.

Does Live video slow down my website?

No, and we protect your page speed with only small-sized scripts.

Does your Live stream suffer from latency?

We are the only real-time Live video commerce platform. The latency between the presenter and the audience is less than 500 milliseconds, making LiveMeUp the fastest platform on the market.

Are your lives only watchable on smartphones?

No, our player is build to deliver immersive Live video sessions on smartphones as well as on computers and tablets.

Can I customize the viewer interface so that it has my branding elements?

Yes, you can customize the player with your logo, font, colors and icons to deliver to your customers a fully branded experience.

How many people does it take to moderate a Live?

In addition to the presenter, only one moderator is needed. Our Live Manager console is easily operated by one person to reduce the cost of running an event.

What are the chat moderation options?

The moderator can delete an inappropriate message or ban a user.

Can we do remote production?

Absolutely, it is one of the strong points of our platform to allow the moderator to be at a distance from the presenter.

Can I use replay videos on product pages?

Yes you can and we highly recommend you to connect your video replay to your product pages for the best results (aka "Seen in Live").