Want to know more about Live Me Up? Here you will find answer to all your questions!

Will you help us for our first live shopping?

Our support is one of our strengths. Our onboarding team will be at your side to help you get started with our solution.

We will also share with you our expert advice and best practices regarding audience acquisition, preparation and animation of your Live Commerce.

You will also have access to our pre-live planning which gathers all the tasks to be carried out day by day to ensure the success of your live show on D-day.

Are your lives only accessible on smartphones?

No, our lives are accessible on smartphones as well as on computers. However, our interface has been designed and enhanced for a mobile experience.

Can I customize the interface so that it has my branding elements?

Yes, you can add your logo, font, colors and icons without any problem.

How long is the replay available on the site?

By default, the replay is available for 3 months after the last paid invoice. You can contact us to extend this period if necessary. We also share with you the video file of the live broadcast so that you can broadcast it on your social platforms. 

How many people does it take to moderate a Live?

In addition to the presenter, only one moderator is needed. Our Live Manager console is easily operated by one person to reduce the cost of running an event.

Can we do remote production?

Absolutely, it is one of the strong points of our solution to allow the moderator to be at a distance from the presenter.

Is the chat moderated?

Yes, the moderator can delete an inappropriate message or even ban a user.

Does your solution suffer from latency?

In fact, we are the only real-time Live Commerce solution. The latency between the presenter and the audience is less than 500 milliseconds, making Live Me Up the fastest platform on the market.

How many participants can join Live?

Today, our platform can accommodate up to 250,000 simultaneous viewers.

In which language is the platform available?

The complete platform (Publisher, Console and Player) is available in English and French. Other languages can be added.

Still have questions? Send us an email at hello@livemeup.io