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Shoppers add products to their cart and proceed to checkout during the Live event.


Restream at the same time your Live Shopping session on your Instagram, Facebook and YouTube account.

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Automated production

Download MP4 instantly after Live Shopping session.

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Your Live Shopping Replay is published on the dedicated page of your website.

Shoppable Replay

Shoppable Replay also allows customers to create and validate their cart.

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Use this fabulous content all over your social network and product sheets.

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Analyze your traffic

Check your success with our Live me up dashboard: How many people watched the show? Are your shoppers on Mobile or Laptop?

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See if people were engaged, How many did chat? How many liked your show? Such data helps strengthen your engagement and interaction strategy.

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Live Me Up’s dashboard also measures the success of your Live and replay shows. How many carts were created? How many were abandoned? What product sold the most? Did you meet your sales objectives? Find out immediately as we have nothing to hide!

Unique technical performances to go faster and further

Video Streaming HD 720p

Stream your Live Shopping session in HD 720p

True real time

Our Live shopping does not suffer from latency. All your audience are always in sync, no matter where they are.

Worldwide scalability

Worldwide broadcasting to ensure an immersive, interactive experience and reach a new audience.

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How Live Shopping works ?

Find here all the information you need to understand how live shopping works and how to prepare for it to make a success of your session.
1. Live Shopping Preparation

Before the start of the live shopping session, the organizer selects the products to showcase and prepares the content, including demonstrations, product information, and special offers, in preparation for the broadcast.

2. Live Streaming

The brand or influencer initiates the live streaming via the LiveMeUp application for Shopify. Viewers can join the live shopping session and interact in real-time through comments, questions, or reactions.

3. Product Presentation

During the livestream shopping, the host presents the products in an appealing manner. This can include live demonstrations, product comparisons, customer testimonials, or personal recommendations. The host also answers viewer questions and provides detailed product information.

4. Promotions and Exclusive Offers

During the live shopping session, special offers and exclusive promotions can be presented to viewers. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages viewers to make purchases during the live video.

5. Real-Time Purchasing

One of the key aspects of live shopping is the ability for viewers to make purchases in real-time. The showcased products are typically accompanied by purchase links or promotional codes, allowing viewers to add items to their cart and complete their purchase without leaving the live selling session.

6. Performance Analysis

Once the live shopping session is concluded, organizers analyze the results and data, including key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rate, viewing duration, and viewer engagement. This analysis helps evaluate the effectiveness of the session and identify areas for improvement in future live shopping events.

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