Accelerate your sales with Live Shopping events
hosted on your website.

Up to 20% Conversion Rate

No Impact on Site Speed

5 min to Setup

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What you get

Live Shopping Player on your Shopify.

LiveMeUp lets you stream Live event directly on your ecommerce. Customize the player with your brand's colors, tag products, and chat with customers in real-time. Plus, shoppers can add to their cart without leaving the live stream—perfect for boosting sales!

Seamless Shopping Experience

Real-time Interaction and Engagement

Live Shopping Multistream.

Explode your Reach: Stream Live across all social media. Connect your accounts to LiveMeUp, start your session on your e-commerce site, and BOOM—go live everywhere at once. Amplify your audience instantly!

Stream Live across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Grow your audience instantly

Live Shopping Co-Hosting.

Invite guests to your Live session from anywhere with Live co-hosting. Hosting a Live with multiple people is much more effective in guiding and convincing your customers.

Invite guests from anywhere

Real-time Interaction

Live Shopping Replay.

Enhance Your Shopping Experience with Live Shopping Replays! After your exciting Live session, showcase the replay on a dedicated page. Even better, these interactive replays keep the sales momentum going strong, ensuring every viewer can shop and engage seamlessly!

Live Shopping Replay Page

Interactive and Endlessly Shoppable

AI Magic Content.

AI Magic Content listens to your Live and delivers a summary of your event. With this intelligent content, craft an engaging article or email, or create a captivating post for your social networks. Everything is ready, all that's left is to publish.

Automating Live Events Summaries

Empowering Content Creation

Sales Performance

Evaluate the performance of your Live Shopping events in real-time by keeping an eye on essential KPIs such as total number of orders, average basket size, and total revenue generated by your videos.

Video Sales Tracker

Viewing & Engagement metrics

How to use Live Shopping

Use Live Shopping to showcase your products from every angle—the material, texture, color, and feel. A video speaks volumes compared to a simple image or text, creating a richer and more engaging shopping experience.

Live Shopping showcase every product detail.

Videos are more engaging than images or text.

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Launching a new collection? Showcase it live to your community during an exclusive event. Communicate exclusive discount codes to ignite FOMO and make it an event to remember!

Exclusive New Collection Preview

FOMO: Unique Discount Codes.

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Provide engaging tutorials on using your products to showcase their utility and effectiveness, delighting and winning over your customers.

Engage customers with tutorials showcasing product utility.

Demonstrate product effectiveness to win trust.

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Video offers the perfect chance to bring your brand to life, featuring the dedicated team behind your customers' favorite products. Take the lead, share your values, and connect with your community!

Video brings your brand to life with your team.

Lead, share values, and engage your community.

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Trigger unstoppable buying impulse
with video power!

Up to 20%
Conversion Rate
Longer Session Time
5 min
To setup

The fastest-growing eCom brands
already use Live Shopping.

IGK Hair crafts cutting-edge haircare products for all hair types, ensuring salon-quality results with a touch of individuality.

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first Live event
amount in cart

Evolve Beauty offers a wide range of natural and organic beauty products that help people live a little greener every day.

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first Replay amount in cart

SBC Skincare offers high-quality skincare products formulated with natural ingredients to promote healthy, radiant skin.

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Doll Beauty offers glamorous and high-quality makeup products designed to enhance your natural beauty.

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Skinsense is a skincare brand specializing in offering a range of products focused on hydration and revitalization.

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per Live event

Who said we were the favorites?

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Stacey Goldstein
Stacey Goldstein
Founder, Lola Getts
We've used a lot of live shopping apps and this is definitely one of the better live shopping apps out there! So easy to use, setup was easy. All the integrations and features are thoughtful and make sense. And it is definitely designed so we can use these lives for future marketing seamlessly. Customer service is stellar. I can't recommend this app enough.
Image Carré dans un Rond
Jason MacKey
Jason MacKey
CEO, Barefoot Orchids
I seriously can't say enough about these devs and their work. I know other businesses that use some other applications for live shopping and this one is so much better. Easier to use, great customer experience, and it is priced right.The dev team is extremely helpful and quick to respond. Don't hesitate, don't go somewhere else, start using this now.
Image Carré dans un Rond
Marilou Bertrand
Marilou bertrand
Head of e-commerce, Charlotte Bio
Super easy to use, one-click integration. Support is very available, proactive, and regularly gets in touch with us to help and offer advice. One of the best apps out there for live shopping! In short, I highly recommend it 100%.
Image Carré dans un Rond
Clara Lizier
Clara Lizier
CEO, Beautigloo
The app is truly fantastic and adds real value to our store! The team is extremely responsive and friendly. We highly recommend LiveMeUp!
Image Carré dans un Rond
Lilia Sefraoui
Lilia Sefraoui
CEO, Onest Store
The Live Me Up live shopping solution is simply great! We really appreciated the visual presentation and the features of the solution. Their very responsive and attentive team greatly facilitated our experience, providing high-quality service. We recommend it!
Image Carré dans un Rond
Juliette Munoz
Juliette Munoz
Co-founder, La Canopée
We've been using LiveMeUp for a few months now, and I must say that it's a great tool. I believe we are still in the process of building this live community on our e-shop. It requires us to be very consistent, but LiveMeUp provides us with a new way to communicate, and we are satisfied with it
Perfectly integrated into the ecosystem

How Live Shopping works ?

1. Live Shopping Preparation

Before the start of the live shopping session, the organizer selects the products to showcase and prepares the content, including demonstrations, product information, and special offers, in preparation for the broadcast.

2. Live Streaming

The brand or influencer initiates the live streaming via the LiveMeUp application for Shopify. Viewers can join the live shopping session and interact in real-time through comments, questions, or reactions.

3. Product Presentation

During the livestream shopping, the host presents the products in an appealing manner. This can include live demonstrations, product comparisons, customer testimonials, or personal recommendations. The host also answers viewer questions and provides detailed product information.

4. Promotions and Exclusive Offers

During the live shopping session, special offers and exclusive promotions can be presented to viewers. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages viewers to make purchases during the live video.

5. Real-Time Purchasing

One of the key aspects of live shopping is the ability for viewers to make purchases in real-time. The showcased products are typically accompanied by purchase links or promotional codes, allowing viewers to add items to their cart and complete their purchase without leaving the live selling session.

6. Performance Analysis

Once the live shopping session is concluded, organizers analyze the results and data, including key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rate, viewing duration, and viewer engagement. This analysis helps evaluate the effectiveness of the session and identify areas for improvement in future live shopping events.

This app is user friendly, customizable to your brand and adds a ton of value to our customers which differentiates our business from the rest. Elena, Bruno and team have been fantastic to work with and their feedback is greatly appreciated.
Jaden Kim
Glownique, Canada
1st try with Live Me Up app, really great! We are renewing the experience very soon! The team guides us before, during and even after, there is really a personalized follow-up! The tool works well, easy to handle! I recommend :)

Leonard Jones
Saeve Paris, France
Great application, we are very satisfied with our first Live and we will do it again very soon. Lots of cool and constantly evolving features.
The team is also super responsive and the support is very personalized, which is really appreciated. Go there with your eyes closed! :)
Laia Guardia-Morin
Elise Chalmin, France