Live Shopping
for Shopify

Same Shopify Store, more Live sales.
Discover the new Live Shopping Experience.

Bring your Shopify store to the ultimate level

Synchronize your product catalog, customize your interface (logo, font, colors, icons...), benefit from an intuitive dashboard to produce wonderful live events that will engage your audience!

Put your ecomm back at the heart of your strategy

Algorithms are sometimes fickle whereas your site is your best bet for gathering audiences who love your products! Give your customers what they want with your own live events that take your brand to live!

Track your performance live after live

Track your performance accurately to understand how to improve yourself with our detailed interface! Available reports on traffic, audience engagement and purchases!

Engagement that converts with Live Shopping for Shopify

Live events give you the power to speak from anywhere to your customers wherever they are.

Building a brand can take a long time and it's not always easy for consumers to really understand the core of the brand. Today, all brands tend to look the same to the consumer. Clothing brands will advocate an image that seems similar to the target audience for example. In the same way, the cosmetic brand may give the feeling that it offers the same message or the same products.

However, if the buyer sees differences, his preference may be for one brand rather than another. That's why building a brand goes hand in hand with growing a business. Live shopping allows you to say all the things that a classic ad won't let you say: present your product as well as your personality, your brand values, your story and much more!

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How Live Shopping for Shopify works ?

In one click! We have worked on a native integration with your Shopify CMS (or Shopify Plus), so when you download our app on the store, a clean code is installed on your store (this code does not lengthen the loading time of your store, which is a considerable SEO advantage).

The next step is to upload the "launch live event" button (aka, "the player") on the live shopping page you've created on your store, and download your product catalog. With the Shopify x LiveMeUp integration, you have your Shopify store, but better, to sell live and automatically generate replays without having to think about it!

Step 1 : dowload on Shopify App Store

Go on the Shopify App Store and download LiveMeUp Live Shopping app for Shopify. Then, on your website, create the page that will host your live shopping events & create your first event en test mode

Step 2 : create a Live Shopping session on LiveMeUp's dashboard

Export your products, customize the event and integrate the player button on your site! Then, connect your social networks to restream at the same time your Live Shopping session on your Instagram, Facebook and YouTube account.

Step 3 : download the LiveMeUp's mobile app

Download the publisher that's to say the Live Me Up app that films the live! Now is the time to go Live and tell your story, your brand, your vision, your values to your community. Live Shopping sessions are authentic and joyful moments. So jump in and share your passion!

FAQ Live Shopping for Shopify

Can I start a live shopping session from my Shopify account?  

Yes of course, our integrated app on your CMS allows you to launch a live event from your Shopify or Shopify Plus website.

How does live shopping work on Shopify?

On shopify, live shopping works in total immersion, as if you had created a new page: your theme remains the same, the visitor on your site does not have the impression to leave on another platform.Our plugin or add-on works in total immersion like any extra you add on your site.

Can I share my live shopping session on my social media channels even if I use the Shopify app?

Yes you can, but note that this may depreciate somewhat the quality of your live shopping transmission. Often, we will therefore advise to start on the social network to capture as many viewers as possible and tell them that the live is continuing on your website.

How do I add live video to Shopify?

Go to your Live Me Up administration console to configure and launch your live. At the end of the event, your replay will automatically appear in the list of past events: it can continue to be watched by your site visitors.