Lola Getts increased their conversion rate by 19% between her first and last Live.

In partnership with LiveMeUp, Lola Getts use Live Shopping to engage their community and rethink their marketing content.

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About Lola Getts

Lola Getts is much more than just a sportswear brand. Founded on a philosophy of inclusivity and empowerment, this brand is revolutionizing the fashion industry by offering athletic clothing collections specifically designed for women of all sizes and shapes.

Lola Getts embodies the spirit of a strong, confident woman determined to change traditional beauty standards. Each piece in the collection is carefully designed to provide a flawless fit, optimal comfort, and unmatched style, regardless of the woman's body wearing it.

The brand is committed to encouraging women to embrace their bodies as they are, to celebrate their individual strength and beauty, and to feel confident and bold in their own skin. With high-quality fabrics, flattering cuts, and trendy designs, Lola Getts offers a shopping experience that goes beyond clothing purchases to become a celebration of self-esteem and personal expression.

Lola Getts perfectly aligns with the trend by offering clothing that combines performance, comfort, and style, thus meeting the expectations of consumers who are conscious of their health and well-being.

The challenge

Facing substantial competition in the sportswear market, Lola Getts encountered several challenges.

How to create regular meetups? Gathering your community is essential to foster a sense of security and trust, similar to the in-store experience. Setting up periodic meetings allows us to answer all their questions, understand their specific needs, and guide them effectively in their choices.

How to repurpose live content effectively? The second major challenge we face is repurposing our content effectively within a sales and marketing strategy. It's not just about creating engaging content but also making it relevant and compelling for our target audience. Striking the right balance between informing, entertaining, and prompting action requires meticulous planning, a deep understanding of our audience, and constant creativity to adapt and rethink our content in innovative and effective ways.

The solution

Lola Getts has chosen to collaborate with LiveMeUp to overcome all its challenges because the brand was already familiar with Live Shopping.

  • Lola Getts embraces the potential of Live Shopping with a dedicated strategy: hosting a 20-minute weekly live shopping session. This engagement isn't just a one-off event; it's a core part of their marketing approach. They prominently feature the Live Shopping link in the header of their website and on the homepage, ensuring it's easily accessible for visitors. This regularity amplifies their reach and engagement.

  • Embracing video as a core strategy: live shopping provides a great opportunity to repurpose the livestream through replay content by breaking it down for publication across all acquisition channels: newsletters, social media, website, ads, and more.

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The results

Lola Getts' Live sessions typically last around 20 minutes each. The primary goal of these Lives is to showcase her collections, including the latest pieces she's introduced. During these Lives, the brand generously offers gifts to its community in each session, along with an exclusive promo code that can only be used during the Live broadcast. This interactive format not only engages the audience but also allows the brand to address any questions or concerns from its customers in real-time. By doing so, Lola Getts can reduce friction during the purchasing process and provide a seamless shopping experience for her followers.

Lola Getts has seen an impressive 19% increase in her conversion rate between her first and last Live sessions, all within just four Lives. The average viewing duration of her viewers stands at 12 minutes, which is excellent with the Lives are 20 minutes long. Additionally, there's a high engagement rate with 6 reactions per viewer. These promising results are a boon for the Lola Getts brand, and she thoroughly enjoys conducting Live Shopping sessions with the LiveMeUp platform.

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