Live Shopping Education - Objective: Innovation #11

Traffic, conversion, retention, revenue... Throughout this 10-episode series, we've reviewed various marketing objectives and how to enhance them with Live Shopping. To take it a step further, we'll provide you with some ideas to diversify your Live presentations, always striving to innovate and keep your audience engaged.

  1. Innovate to develop your Brand Love. By seeking new ideas, you'll surprise your audience and your market. Be the first to implement unique actions, take new paths, and be creative!
  2. Innovate to increase customer retention. Your community will be more engaged in your approach, making them present at each of your Live sessions.
  3. Innovate to make Live an essential tool. Make Live Shopping an indispensable part of your business and brand development. Break boundaries and limiting beliefs. Turn it into a true media for your e-commerce!

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Innovation checklist :

Now, here are some ideas to innovate even further with Live Shopping:

  • Use Live Replays: Your live sessions have immense added value. Continue the experience by sharing the replays on all your networks and on your website, enabling viewers to catch up on your Live events.

  • Use Shoppable Videos from Your Lives: Similar to Replays, sequence your Lives or pre-record short videos to turn them into Shoppable Videos to place on your product pages.

  • Collaborate with Influencers: Influencers are accustomed to the camera and know how to engage a community. Partner with your favorite influencers to create joint events and cross your audiences.

  • Collaborate with Other Brands in Your Ecosystem: Just like influencers, team up with brands that share your universe and values. Create powerful contests, Live events, and cross your audiences.

  • Conduct Lives Outdoors: Step beyond your premises and take your Live sessions outdoors to explore new opportunities. Events, partner visits, exhibitions, real-life demonstrations... Anything is possible!

  • Include Lives in Your Manufacturing Workshops and Behind-the-Scenes: Take your customers to the manufacturing workshops of your products to show them how they are made. Transparency builds trust! Remember Brand Love, retention, CLV... Don't lose sight of these objectives!

  • Involve Your Employees in Lives: Your employees undoubtedly have interesting stories to tell. What is their role within your brand? How do they contribute to its development? Give them a voice!

  • Invite Your Customers to Live Events: Reward your customers by inviting them to a Live session. It's a beautiful gift for them and a display of proximity and trust for your viewers.

We hope our tips have helped you better understand Live Shopping and its incredible impact!

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