Live Shopping Education - Dare to go live #1

Follow our tips, advice, and tricks during 11 episodes to better approach Live Shopping and make video commerce an essential tool in generating revenue.

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For this very first episode of our educational article, let's see how to feel comfortable in front of the camera and finally overcome the fear of going live.

As well as you know, one of the main hesitations to do Live Shopping is the fear of being solo in front of a camera and going live. Some brands handle it with ease, while for others, it can be challenging. It happens that a brand conducts its first Live while being completely stressed, categorizes it as a failure, and gives up. However, Live offers so many possibilities that it is necessary to overcome the FOGL, the Fear Of Going Live.

Before giving you some tips to dare to go live, here are 6 reasons that can be obstacles. Maybe you will recognize yourself in some of them?

  • Imposter syndrome: You doubt your values, your achievements, your skills, and your legitimacy.
  • Comparison syndrome: You don't feel up to par compared to other brands that conduct fantastic Live Shopping and are completely at ease.
  • Perfectionism syndrome: You are so obsessed with every detail that you end up not taking the plunge.
  • Introversion: You are introverted, and you believe that you have to be extroverted to do Live Shopping.
  • Technical excuse: You are not very knowledgeable about equipment or technology, so you think it's insurmountable and time-consuming.
  • Feeling like a fool: Speaking in front of a camera makes you feel like a fool, as if you were talking to a wall.

Let's break these taboos.

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Here are our tips to overcome these syndromes:

  • Familiarize yourself with the technology and equipment. Live broadcasting comes down to using the LiveMeUp dashboard on a computer, a smartphone for filming, and potentially a microphone for sound recording. That's it! It's not complicated; it's child's play.
  • Plan your Live in advance. A successful Live Shopping begins with good preparation; don't skip this step! Prepare the theme, the plan, and promote it... We'll cover this in the next newsletter.
  • Conduct tests before the D-day. Test the LiveMeUp tool and your equipment before the actual live session to ensure everything works smoothly and avoid surprises that could unsettle you on the big day.
  • Find the right outfit and backdrop. Be comfortable in your environment and the outfit you wear in front of the camera.
  • Stop trying to be perfect. People like genuine individuals. When mistakes happen, they allow you to showcase your personality and authenticity to your audience. There's nothing serious about it; embrace your mistakes!
  • Do relaxing exercises before each Live. Relax your body and mind. Stretch your arms, legs, relax your shoulders and neck. Massage your cheeks and jaws.
  • Control your breathing. By controlling your breathing, you'll reduce stress and feel more serene.
  • Improve your diction. Relax your lips, exhale, and practice diction phrases like "un chasseur sachant chasser sans son chien est un bon chasseur" (a hunter who can hunt without his dog is a good hunter). It's fun!
  • Emphasize authenticity. Increased authenticity allows you to speak with more energy while feeling more genuine to your audience. No lies, be transparent, and own everything. You'll feel the difference.
  • Have confidence. You are handsome, you are beautiful. You are legitimate. You have created an incredible brand. You manage a thousand things at once and live life at 100,000 miles per hour. A Live should not scare you, right

Ready to rock it by daring to go live? We believe in you!

We'll be back in the second episode with a new objective: to make Live an essential tool for generating revenue.

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