Live Shopping Education - Objective: acquisition #2

We agree, traffic is THE priority for e-commerce businesses. Why? Because reaching a certain level of traffic is necessary to obtain and analyze results, and then set other objectives.

The same goes for a Live Shopping session. Few viewers = few data to draw conclusions from. But here's some good news: Live Shopping will help you increase the traffic to your e-commerce store. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Your e-commerce at the heart of the strategy. The Live session takes place on your website. It's an opportunity to generate a peak of activity at a key moment.
  • Your communities are your strength. Bring all your social communities to your online store. Facebook, Insta, TikTok, YouTube... Everyone gathers on your site at the same time.
  • Your successes enrich the algorithms. These traffic peaks will boost your Analytics and please Google. And that's good for your SEO! The higher you rank in searches, the more you increase your overall traffic.

Discover how Tajinebanane gathers 750 people in a Live!

Checklist for Traffic Acquisition Objective:

Now, here's THE essential checklist before each Live to successfully achieve your traffic acquisition objective:

  • Prepare a unique and thematic Live. Know exactly who you want to address to create the most relevant content possible. A well-prepared Live is worth two. The crazier and more unique the Live, the more traffic and retention you'll have for future events.
  • Promote at least 4 days before on my social networks. For guaranteed success, do a special communication the day before, then on the morning of, and finally 5 minutes before.
  • Encourage my community to share the information.
  • Send Save The Date emails to my mailing list.
  • Update my Live Shopping page with the upcoming event.
  • Offer my community the option to sign up for SMS alerts. SMS alerts are available with the LiveMeUp solution. Your customers can find it on the announcement of your next event.
  • Announce the upcoming Live on the homepage.
  • Create a pop-up on the homepage.
  • Create a banner announcement throughout the store.
  • Collaborate with an influencer or a partner brand. Involve influencers in your strategy or other partner brands you usually work with. The more you cross audiences, the more traffic and interest you'll generate.


Ready to skyrocket your traffic objective in your next Live?

See you for the 3rd episode with a new objective to aim for, making Live an essential tool in generating revenue.

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