Live Shopping Education - Objective: Brand Love #5

Receiving love from your customers, creating meaningful relationships, inspiring... are all ultimate goals when building or developing a brand. Beyond traffic, conversion, and revenue generation, the most important objective is to create a strong and influential brand that stands out and evokes strong emotions among its audience and ecosystem.

This is what we call brand love, and Live Shopping is the perfect tool to get closer to these customers! We'll tell you all about it.

  1. Brand love is a trust-builder. The more you share your story, demonstrate transparency, and break down the manufacturing and use of your products, the more your customers will trust you and your brand.
  2. Brand love contributes to customer retention. You might have experienced it already; love makes people addictive and loyal. The same applies to business! We'll have the opportunity to talk more about customer retention in a future episode.
  3. Brand love makes you shine in your ecosystem. The more a brand is loved, the more people talk about it! And that's great for acquiring new prospects, building relationships with the media, investors, etc.

Pêcheur increases engagement rate by 10 thanks to its community.

Brand Love Objective Checklist:

Now, here's THE essential checklist to successfully make Live Shopping the number one tool for achieving your Brand Love objective:

  • Speak up. Founders, put yourself in the spotlight during your Live sessions and tell your story. What are the reasons that drove you to create your brand? What are your values? Your vision? Embody your brand!
  • Present the fruits of your labor. Talk transparently about your products and show how they were made and how to use them. Build trust with your customers to reassure them and enable them to purchase your products with confidence.
  • Foster meaningful connections. Through Live Chat, interact with your community. Ask them questions, answer their inquiries. Nurture this unique exchange with the best of yourself!

  • Amplify this rich content. Publish the Replay of your Live Shopping on your online store, product pages, and social media. By putting yourself out there, familiarity will be created. Human first!
  • Create regular appointments. Live Shopping allows you to create consistency in your communication. Enter your customers' daily lives and establish a rhythm of events not to be missed.

Ready to skyrocket your Brand Love objective and make your brand a masterpiece of its time?

We'll see you soon for the 5th episode with a new goal to aim for, making Live an essential tool in revenue generation.

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