Live Shopping Education - Objective: conversion #3

After acquiring sufficient traffic, the second key metric to measure and analyze is undoubtedly the conversion rate. This performance indicator will determine the health of your e-commerce. On average, a merchant site converts between 2 and 3% depending on seasonality. There are numerous marketing techniques to improve conversion, and Live Shopping is undoubtedly the tool to focus on for increasing sales. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Video is more engaging than text or images. Instagram, TikTok... video has literally dominated images. Today, internet users demand to see a product in a real-life situation to better connect with it.
  2. Transparency builds buyer confidence. The more information you provide about your brand, products, their unique and essential features, the more you'll eliminate barriers to purchase.
  3. Emotion increases customer interest and loyalty. By embodying your brand and giving it rhythm, you'll foster the creation of brand love, enabling you to build relationships with your customers and retain them (We'll talk more about this in the next episode!).

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Conversion objective checklist :

Now, here's THE essential checklist to successfully achieve your conversion objective through Live Shopping:

  • Sync your product catalog. Add the products you want to present live to your event. The selection must be precise and coordinated with the theme of your live session.

  • Use the Add to Cart feature. When presenting a product, showcase it on your viewers' screens, so they can easily add it to their carts.

  • Share exclusive promo codes. We all know that discounts boost sales! Create exclusive promos for your Live sessions with limited usage duration. Your customers will feel the urgency and make faster purchases.
  • Publish and share your replays. After your Live is over, publish the replay on your e-commerce platform and share it on your social networks. Since the Add to Cart feature remains active, the replay allows for later viewing, with just as much chance of conversion, if not more!

  • Sequence your Lives into Shoppable Videos. Break down moments where you talk about specific products and turn them into shoppable videos to include on your homepage or product pages. Video should be everywhere!

Ready to skyrocket your conversion objective in your next Live session?

We'll see you soon for the 4th episode, where we'll aim for a new objective to make Live an indispensable tool in generating revenue.

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