Live Shopping Education - Objective: increase sales #8

Throughout the different episodes of this newsletter, we've discussed how to increase acquisition, conversion, retention... Now, let's focus on sales. The Live Shopping application from LiveMeUp offers numerous features that allow you to create interactive video zones throughout your online store. Placed at various strategic locations, these interactive videos generate more conversions and, consequently, higher revenue. Here's an overview of the possibilities. We'll then explore how to use them in detail.

  1. Live Shopping Session: With its direct purchase function, Live Shopping holds no secrets for you when it comes to generating conversions and revenue.

  2. Live Shopping Replay: The Replay of your Live session retains the direct purchase function. The advantage of Replay is that it remains available forever, and conversions on the Replay are unlimited.

  3. Shoppable Videos: By sequencing your Live sessions or recording a Live without broadcasting it live, you can create Shoppable Videos to place at various strategic locations on your online store.

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Sales Objective Checklist:

Now, here's THE essential checklist to successfully achieve your sales objective:

  • Direct Purchase Function: Presenting your products live allows you to highlight the direct purchase function on the viewer's screen.

  • Take care of your Live Shopping Page: The Live Shopping Page is a key page in the navigation of your online store, and it's one of the most visited pages! Keep it updated regularly with Replays of your Live sessions and announce upcoming Lives.

  • Place the link to this page at strategic locations: On the homepage, in navigation, banners, pop-ups... Showcase your Live Shopping Page on your e-commerce site to encourage users to view your content.

  • Share your Replays on social media and Newsletters: The more you share your sessions, the more you drive your community to your site, increasing your chances of conversion!
  • Create Shoppable Videos: Sequence your Lives by product or record short videos on the LiveMeUp platform. Then, place these interactive videos on your product pages to boost conversions. You can also use these sequenced videos as Reels on Instagram.

Ready to skyrocket your sales through Live Shopping?

We'll see you soon for the 9th episode with a new goal to aim for, to make Live an essential tool in generating revenue.

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