Live Shopping Education - Objective: Influencer #10

Influencers are powerful communication channels. Have you ever considered inviting them to your Live sessions? Working with an influencer on a Live Shopping event is a great opportunity for 3 reasons:

  1. Publicity Boost: Choosing an influencer primarily for their qualified and measurable audience is an excellent way to shine the spotlight on your brand during a Live session.

  2. Create a Unique Moment: The presence of the influencer allows for the creation of a unique and novel moment for your brand. Influencers know how to speak and act in front of the camera; they understand the nuances. It can be a great source of inspiration.

  3. Cross Audiences: The influencer will invite their community to participate in your Live Shopping session. It's a fantastic opportunity to reach new customers from an audience similar to yours.

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Influencer Objective Checklist:

Now, here's THE essential checklist to prepare your Live with your influencer:

  • Make a Joint Announcement on Social Media: At least a week in advance, post Reels, Stories, and joint publications to announce the event.

  • Announce Your Live to Your Respective Mailing Lists: Ask your influencer to share the event with their mailing list to maximize acquisition and audience crossover.

  • Find an Original Live Theme: Your influencer has their own style, and so do you. Find relevant and enjoyable synergies to make your Live session a unique moment.

  • Have Fun and Get Inspired: Your influencer knows their craft. It's their profession! Take inspiration from their techniques, way of expressing themselves, and talking about your brand. This inspiring moment should be friendly so that everyone enjoys it!
  • Simultaneously Stream Your Live on Social Media: Take advantage of this exceptional Live to restream it on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You'll reach a much larger community!

  • Ask Your Influencer to Share the Replay: After the Live, your influencer can share the event's Replay with their community to convert more prospects over time.

Ready to work with an influencer during your next Live?

We'll see you soon for the 11th episode with a new goal to aim for, to make Live an essential tool in generating revenue.

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