Live Shopping Education - Objective: Live restream #4

For a brand, social media is essential in building awareness, image, and customer communication. However, it is often challenging to calculate the ROI of organic social media content. Sales are not directly made through the content posted on social networks. Even though Meta (Facebook) puts a lot of effort into it, the actual purchase happens on the e-commerce website.

With LiveMeUp, it is possible to simultaneously broadcast your Live sessions on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. By creating an alliance between your social networks and your e-commerce, you will multiply your traffic, conversion, and engagement goals.

Restreaming your Lives on your social networks allows you to create a convergence of your communities on your e-commerce platform and increase your sales. Here's why:

  1. Multiple networks mean different communities. You likely have several social networks with potentially different community habits. It can be challenging to create enough content to feed and unite all your networks in the same way. Bring all your communities together at one single event: the Live session on e-commerce.
  2. Notify your communities massively that you are Live. Social networks allow you to send notifications to your followers when you are Live. By broadcasting simultaneously on all your networks, you increase your chances of alerting as many people as possible.
  3. Bring your communities where the sale happens. As mentioned, the final purchase occurs on e-commerce. Take advantage of this ultimate meeting where your communities are present in the same place, at the same time, to make sales. Live sessions on e-commerce allow you to present and sell your catalog's products directly.

E-commerce and social networks go hand in hand. They are the strength of your brand and your image. By using simultaneous broadcasting of your Lives on your networks, you provide simple, seamless, and consistent communication to your communities.

With Live sessions, your e-commerce becomes its own social media channel. 

Roll On Jade doubles viewers with Instagram restream.

Ready to make everything explode by converging your networks on your e-commerce?

We'll be back for a 5th episode with a new goal to aim for, making Live an essential tool in generating revenue.

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