Roll On Jade gets +100% viewers during new Live Shopping session

With its first simulcast on Instagram, Melody achieved +100% more live viewers than its predecessor, with an average presence time of 17 minutes.

Live on Instagram
Live viewers on own website
Average Live attendance time

Roll On Jade: the wellness brand

Roll On Jade offers a wide range of top-of-the-range products, including jade rolls, guashas, treatment masks, essential oils and other wellness accessories. Each product is made with quality materials, carefully selected to guarantee a luxurious and effective experience.

The challenge 

Melody, founder of Roll On Jade, is delighted with the implementation of her new Live Shopping strategy. She has found that the live broadcasts on her e-commerce site have increased customer engagement, boosting brand awareness and sales. However, Melody is aware of the importance of expanding her audience to achieve her many goals. She knows that acquiring a larger audience is crucial to the growth of her brand.

To meet these expectations, Melody is planning to implement new strategies. It plans to increase the number of live shows per month by promoting them on social networks. To do this, Melody is reusing parts of its previous Live shows to publish them on its social networks, in order to reach its audience.

The solution

To increase the number of participants in her lives, Melody, founder of Roll On Jade, made a wise strategic decision to exploit a new feature offered by LiveMeUp: the restream on Instagram. This new feature proved to be a real asset in attracting the attention of her community on Instagram and inviting them to join the lives broadcast on her e-commerce site. 

Thanks to restreaming on Instagram, Roll On Jade can now benefit from an automatic Instagram notification sent to all her followers every time a Live starts. To take things a step further, the profile photo on Roll On Jade's page is surrounded by Instagram colors with the word Live to indicate that it's live.

This feature has made it considerably easier for its audience to access its site to watch the live show, significantly increasing the participation rate. Lives are now more visible and, above all, more accessible to a wider audience, helping to increase engagement and interest.

During its first simulcast live on its Instagram account, Melody deliberately chose to disable comments on the Instagram live in order to direct its entire community to the live on its website. This decision was taken to encourage all viewers to ask all their questions, share their impressions and interact directly in the live shopping chat on its website. Melody wanted to create a dedicated, user-friendly space where customers could interact with each other and with the moderator. This approach promotes a more immersive and personalized experience.

This strategy had a positive effect on the engagement rate, as viewers felt more involved. By concentrating on its website, Melody can better monitor all the interaction and feedback from its community. Taking their feedback into account will enable her to adjust her strategies.

The results 

Thanks to the use of the Instagram restream, Melody managed to increase the number of participants on its latest Live compared to its previous one, while boosting its engagement rate. Thanks to its first Live Shopping simulcast on its Instagram account, Melody obtained +100% viewers on its Live compared to its previous one, with an average presence time of 17 minutes. This strategy has enabled Roll On Jade to attract a growing and passionate audience. The brand is confident that this new feature will help it achieve its goals.

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