Course 6: Engage your audience

Animate your Live

πŸ‘‰ Create desire and promote animation/audience interactions to maximize conversion during the Live

βœ” Ask questions to the audience to get them to participate

βœ” Answer questions by name

βœ” Remind them in the chat of the commercial offer attached to the Live to boost sales

βœ” Share the brand's e-commerce benefits (delivery, returns)

βœ” FOMO - Fear of missing out - is a powerful conversion lever

Continue the Live experience in replay

πŸ‘‰ Once the Live is done, it is important to capitalize as much as possible on the replay in order to keep making sales. We observe that it generates on average twice as many sales as a live.

🎯 Website

On your Live Shopping page, create a section dedicated to replays.

Live Shopping page on Bobochic website

🎯 Instagram

  • Inform that the replay is available through a story.
  • Add the topics of your Lives in a front page story. Your audience will have easy access to your past Lives.
  • Make a post to link to the replay. Recommended when you start a Live campaign so that your audience has more chance to see it.
  • Cut the replay into several strong sequences (product test, answer to an interesting question...)

πŸ‘‰ You can also relay this content on the various social networks you are present on such as Facebook or TikTok.

Publication of Avril Cosmetic on Instagram to promote their live shopping

🎯 Newsletter

Share the replay link in your newsletter

You're ready now !