COURSE 1: Live Shopping Prerequisite

Understand how live shopping fits into your marketing strategy

Your marketing is most likely based on a multi-tier strategy.

  • Social networks help you build a community
  • Influence allows you to win over and convert new audiences into fans
  • Advertising campaigns boost your visibility
  • SEO ensures a long-term strategy of visibility and credibility in the eyes of the search engine

These levers are as many axes in your current communication strategy, complementary axes that intersect with each other. When you deploy a new form of communication, it must therefore be perfectly integrated into your existing strategy. You must therefore :

  • Confirm that live is the solution to your problem
  • Confirm that the live event fits into your current marketing routine

Confirm that Live Shopping is the solution to your problem

Here are the questions our clients most often ask before going live :

  • Am I experiencing acquisition issues, both in terms of acquiring traffic in absolute terms and because my acquisition costs are increasing while my return is decreasing?
  • Do I want to communicate differently?
  • Do I want to talk about my product again because I am an expert and the best person to talk about it and make people want to buy it?
  • What can I do to communicate more about my brand?
  • How can I make my community want to come to my site more often?
  • How can I take back control of my communication?
  • Have I explored all the solutions and formats available to remove the ceiling on growth?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, then live is a solution to consider for your business!

Can Live Shopping fit into your current marketing routine?

Working with live content requires some organization. Here are the questions we asked our clients before they went live:

  • Can live shopping be properly deployed with regard to your current communication: for example, do you have a mail/sms strategy that will support live shopping?
  • Is your social community engaged enough to be a first step towards live shopping on your site?
  • Do you already have a network of influencers/promoters ready to take the floor to host your lives?
  • Is your team ready to train and host and moderate lives?
  • Can you put together an annual calendar with monthly themes for your lives?
  • Does your website have the necessary and visible space for a live shopping button, especially in the menu?

If you didn't answer "yes" to all these questions, don't panic! But you need to have these elements in mind to put all the chances on your side.

Understanding your key indicators

👉 Build your benchmarks based on these 4 equally important metrics

✔ The number of viewers
To track the progress of your pre-live promotion. This is a number that should increase Live after Live.

✔ The acquisition rate per channel
To determine which channels are working best. This will allow you to optimize the ones that work and correct the ones that don't attract many people.

✔ The engagement rate
To determine the attractiveness of your live content.

  • Average attendance time
  • Chat user rate
  • Number of visits to product pages

✔ Conversion rate
To iterate on Live offers and determine which ones work best with your audience.

  • Number of add to cart
  • Number of sales
  • Average cart