COURSE 3 : Produce your first Live Shopping event

Produce a live event

❓ How?

βœ” Choose a tone of voice that is in harmony with your brand platform

βœ” Pay attention to the outfit of the animation: don't put prints, stripes or clothing that is the same color as the background so as not to ruin the visual

πŸ“± What equipment?

Smartphone, computer, lighting, microphone. This is all you need!

There is a big difference between a low light video and a well-lit video. They are easier on the eyes and look more professional. Simple tools like a ring light or softbox can make all the difference.

Good lighting not only helps showcase products, but also creates a warm atmosphere for a better overall experience.
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πŸ“Œ Which venue?

Adapt the venue to your Live theme according to the context and your desires. For example, it can be interesting to present your swimwear collection on a beach rather than in your premises.

Remember to check your connection from the shooting location with

We recommend a 4G or wifi connection with a minimum upload speed of 10Mbps. If possible, try to change locations to diversify the atmosphere of your Lives.

Some location ideas:

  • Store
  • Showroom
  • Studio
  • Office
  • Production plant
  • At home

🌱 What setting?

Get creative with the examples below to create the perfect setting for your Live that the audience will relate to.
➑️ Inspiration for your decoration

πŸ’‘ TIPS: Set up your strategy over time, set a regular appointment with your audiences, give yourself a chance to learn then adjust

πŸ•Ί Test event
(in parallel with the real one):
To be opened 2 hours before to test its connection and that everything is ready (products, promo codes etc.)

Tips for a winning live show

Go for a light production that will reinforce the authenticity and spontaneity of the event. To do this, we give you some of our secrets for preparing a Live from that works:

βœ” A maximum duration of 30-35' excluding exceptional events

βœ” Create peaks of interest to pace the event

βœ” Make breaks to ask your audience questions and answer theirs. Prepare surprises: contests, discounts, gifts, new products...

βœ” Prepare your segues

βœ” How will you present your products, show them, wear them, use them?

βœ” Will you offer incentives to stay on the Live, codes, coupons, offers?

βœ” Conclude the event and give RDV for a specific event or for the next Live if the date is already known.

πŸ’‘ TIPS: Knowing the products presented and annotating the key information to share is essential: what are their benefits, how to use them, what are their prices, etc.
But spontaneity is also a key element of Live Commerce. The presenter needs to step out of the role of salesperson and present the products as if he/she were presenting it to a friend. By being natural and spontaneous, the Live will be warmer and more alive for the participants.