Increase the power of your Klaviyo strategy with live shopping


Your communication strategy is a key success factor for your business. Your customers expect to receive communications from you on a regular basis: new products, events, order status information, etc. These messages shape your customer relationships and have a positive impact on the image they have of your brand.

But you don't always have the opportunity to communicate: you don't always have new products to showcase, for example. So how can you make better use of Klaviyo to get your marketing strategy off the ground?

Capitalize on your Klaviyo insights to boost your strategy

Klaviyo is a powerful marketing software that allows you to segment your customer base so you can better understand how your recipients behave. Are they engaged, disengaged, VIPs or likely to leave for the competition?

You can also choose the best time to send a mail or SMS, which makes it easier to receive and read. The message will also have a better impact.

Klaviyo also supports abandoned cart follow-ups: every day, thousands of users add products to their cart without taking action. Often, they just want to add up the items to see how much it will cost. But an add-to-cart is still an intention to save a purchase for later. So you need to remind these customers that the items they put in the cart are not reserved and can be purchased by others.

Klaviyo also helps e-retailers create structured marketing data that can be accessed by other systems, organized data meant to improve the customer experience. This is called a CDP, or Customer Data Platform. It is a platform or software, able of capturing customer data from several systems and storing this information in one place. The goal is to gather data to draw up a complete profile of a customer at a given moment. This system is open to data analysis, so another software can come on this platform to link data with each other and draw conclusions.

The point is to provide an analysis but also a prediction: what will your consumers like tomorrow? Can we already satisfy them today by anticipating this need?

To give Klaviyo the ability to work on its own and aggregate data for the best results, you need to put in place complementary tools.

Live shopping helps Klaviyo

With the upcoming advent of web3, consumers are looking for new experiences that connect them directly with brands. This special connection will drive acquisition and retention for brands.

Among the tools mentioned to help create this connection, live shopping is high on the list. It allows consumers to converse directly with brands and purchase products from people rather than in depersonalized stores.

With live shopping, you can get in touch with your customers and hear their questions and feedback on products. These feedbacks can be recorded in a CRM, but they can also be used to animate future advertising campaigns. Knowing the theme of your next messages helps you to avoid the lack of inspiration when you speak! Live shopping allows you to create a whole new experience, engage viewers, sell, capture information and feed your communication strategy.

Klaviyo helps live shopping

And it all comes full circle: to properly host your live shopping events, you'll need viewers, and the communication strategy leading up to your events is critical to success! 

Klaviyo will allow you to send emails, in several sequences, before your event.

The tool will also allow you to send a summary email at the end of your live shopping event.

SMS campaigns could also help you remind your customers of the start time of the live show: Live Me Up provides you with a Live Shopping tool where a simple smartphone can capture your show. A totally immersive experience captured on a vertical format, a perfect format for a landing page integrated into an SMS campaign!

Communication tools but also live brand events therefore complement each other perfectly: think about combining your marketing tools for maximum impact!


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