Live Shopping for Christmas: the solution to light up your sales !


December is coming! The most anticipated time of the year for many of you ! 

Now is the time to find the best gifts for the Christmas season ! 

Neither too early nor too late, the time has come to discover the new products of many brands to please your loved ones! 

On the Christmas menu : Live Shopping !

Gone are the days of "tele-shopping" and now it's time for live shopping! A new way of selling, in full growth, in many countries and which seduces more and more French brands today. 

A very common technique, but above all, a strategic lever to accelerate the interaction between your customers and your brand.  This new trend in e-commerce is taking up a lot of space in strategy today. Its growth is not escaping brands, and even less so during growth periods such as the Christmas holidays!

This format is particularly well suited to the festive season: some internet users are online to find the ideal gift and others to take advantage of the promotions offered by online shops. 

Indeed, live shopping reinforces your strategy during this festive period. A 100% digital solution to promote a brand and its products through videos broadcasted live on your e-commerce site.

The mechanics are very simple, we explain! 

Inform your team of the event that is going to be broadcast and let them know who will be attending. You can use an influencer, an ambassador or a brand professional who is best placed to talk about their products. Now select the products you want to highlight on the live stream. All you have to do is plan a date and time to broadcast your live show and then communicate it to your customers.

Live Me Up is committed to improving your company's customer experience because the best ambassador is your customer! So, more than ever, we invite you to discover the trend of the moment: live shopping. A new sales technique with which you will see amazing results on your KPIs!

Oden, a French brand that offers Vegetable Oils, has recorded 6 times more sales between its first and third live performances!
Impressive isn't it ?

To make the most of this period, Live Me Up, the live shopping platform, shares with you the advantages of setting up a live shopping strategy to prepare for the Christmas holidays !

5 good reasons to take action !

- Live Shopping to develop your brand awareness 

Live shopping helps brands to develop their reputation. Indeed, the current e-commerce trend allows you to be positioned on an additional sales channel. A new technique to mix entertainment and a more real experience!
Whatever your sector of activity, you can integrate live shopping into your future strategy with Live Me Up! Live shopping will allow you to be present on a new channel to obtain additional sales by presenting your products and novelties for the Christmas edition for example.

- A unique and personalized experience

Today, the customer experience is a major challenge for brands. With live shopping, your customers will have a unique experience that will help them to better plan their purchase.
In addition to the live broadcast, Live me Up offers the display of a product catalogue. Each of the products presented by a professional can be added directly to the basket during the live broadcast. To feel at home, customise the interface with your logo and colours to create an event that reflects your image. Your customers will recognize you in the blink of an eye 😉

- Stand out from the competition !

Your customers will no longer have time constraints to buy your products which will now be available directly on your live shopping. This new sales technique allows your audience to avoid going directly to the shop.
Make way for a new strategy that puts your competitors in the shade !

- An increase in traffic to your website 

One of your main concerns is to increase traffic to your website?
We have what you need! Live shopping will generate traffic on the day of the live broadcast, as it is broadcast directly on your e-commerce site. Finally, Live Me Up offers an additional functionality, that of posting the replay at the end of the live show and allowing your customers to watch the replay at another time of the day !

We advise you to add a tab to your website called "Live Shopping" to facilitate navigation. A second way to increase traffic to your website!

Through the various case studies, we have noticed that replays are very popular!

- Building customer confidence

Live shopping gives your audience a positive experience that they will want to repeat! Your customer will appreciate your ability to capture their attention and answer their questions live. The presentation of your products will remove potential barriers to purchase. You can then claim a better conversion rate which will contribute to customer loyalty for future calendar events !

Do you want to set up a live shopping event in preparation for Christmas?
Do you know what the Christmas Swap is? 

To find out more, download our Christmas 2022 Live Shopping guide with the best live ideas to connect with your audience and boost your sales!!!