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How to use live shopping to...increase online sales 🚀,or how our ODEN client made x6 sales

There are several ways to boost online sales with live shopping.Note first of all that your performance will depend on your sector: several different keys to success exist.

The winning steps :

• work on your live shopping page on your website

• communicate about your live shopping sufficiently in advance

• put forward best sellers during the first lives

• alternate the topics of the live show to avoid monotony

How to use live shopping to...build an omnichannel strategy 📢

When you communicate about your brand, you certainly use different channels such as social networks, emails, your website, exhibitions... The live event is the missing link between digital and face to face with your customer.

The winning steps:

Set the importance of your offline and online channels in your current strategy

• Set the preferred channels of your target personas

• Conduct surveys to find out what your customers are most interested in and what they would like to see live

• Communicate about your live events by email, on your social networks, and possibly via influencers who will participate with you in your live event

• Slowly bring your offline customers to participate in your live shows: by promising them a brand new experience with the topics that interest them the most

How to use live shopping to...level up brand experience 💪🏻, or how our BELLA BALLOU client gained true feedback

Take the opportunity to talk directly with your community in a live chat room!

The winning steps of the chat  :

•  to collect feedbacks on the spot

•  test the enthusiasm for the products presented

•  discover the brand in a new way

•  strengthen the link with your brand

How to use live shopping to...outgrow instagram 😻,or how our Bags Chase client got 900 viewers in 6 events

Social networks are great for growing your brand!... Except that for the past few months, advertising returns have been decreasing more and more and the old strategies, which had proven themselves, no longer work. To regain a return (with the help of our Live Me Up statistics console), migrate your audience from Instagram to your site.

The winning strategy :

Give all the info about your live to your audience

• Encourage them to sign up for the live SMS alert

• Start your live on instagram and invite people to go to your website thanks to the link pinned in the live

How to use live shopping to... improve customer loyalty👩🏻🧑🏻

It is difficult for the acquired consumers to remain loyal to a brand. On the contrary, customers are more and more volatile, as brands struggle to find arguments to make them stay. But live shopping helps to create this link that is so difficult to establish and maintain.Today, your customers must be part of your community, and it is your community that now includes your most loyal customers.

The winning steps :

• Know your customers: identify the topics and products that interest them the most

• Check your statistics to know when your customers are most likely to be available for your live events

• Define an editorial calendar

• Create your appointments and animate your community so that they get into the habit of attending your events

How to use live shopping to...increase your website traffic 🎯, or how our AMA pâtissière make x2 on conversion rate on her live shopping page

With social networks, websites have become places of transit rather than places where customers come to live experiences.With a live shopping tool on the website, customers have a reason to stay longer, to better discover the products... and to buy at the same time!

The winning steps :

• Refine your live shopping page

• Your live shopping must be long enough to increase the session time of your website : don't hesitate to make viewers want to stay until the end by promising them a surprise

• Use your live videos on your product pages to answer your customers' questions even when you are not there... and boost conversion!

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