11 Tips for Successful Lives Shopping

How to turn your viewers into customers?

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Hosting a live event is not about having a perfect production, it's about presenting your products authentically and interacting with your audience in a natural way.

We've compiled 11 of our best tips and examples to help you make your live event more engaging.

11 Practical and Actionable Live Shopping Advices

With these tips, you will be able to create more engaging live events that will convert your audience :

  1. Take the time to introduce yourself
  2. Don't follow your script to the letter
  3. Don't sell, just have fun
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  5. Vary the formats
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  7. Get your team involved
  8. Get some feedback
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  10. Bring life to your social posts
  11. Enrich your product pages
  12. BONUS : The 2 bests formats to engage your audience
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