5 live shopping hacks to help your business skyrocket !

You can do so much more with Live shopping than.. "just" live shopping !

Cover of the guide 5 live shopping hacks to help your business skyrocket

Why do you need this guide?

We give you our 5 secret hacks to answer the following questions:
- How to create winning mechanisms?
- How to place the tool at the heart of your strategy to increase its possibilities tenfold?
- How to make your speech impactful?
- How to seduce and set up successful events without going through the phases of testing and failure?


  1. Hack 1: Leverage with live
    There are several options to turn your live event into a full-fledged acquisition lever
  2. Hack 2: Download to see ! 😮
  3. Hack 3: Create Virality
    Special events that change everything
  4. Hack 4: Capture more views
    An ongoing problem for brands, how to get more viewers?
  5. Hack 5: Create unique mechanisms
    Here are the most clever mechanics to make sales take off!

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