Live me Up is a Live sale Platform

Why live selling is important to grow your sales ?

Create Engaging Streaming Content

Your hard-earned customers often tend not to buy regularly, especially if your business is not based on a regular monthly income (like a monthly subscription for example).Today live is everywhere, the whole world wants to live events and experiences to share with others, see products, and touch them remotely on an app! Live shopping is the new way to engage customers! But creating engaging content isn't so easy to do, even on a tool that is designed for audience engagement. 

Just like an artist hosting his one-man show: it's very difficult to do when you're not prepared for it. You actually have to occupy the space online, in front of the viewers, with a script written in advance and from which you can take some distance, especially to answer to questions in the chat. A great live event that is really engaging, from the host's point of view, is as an animation.

It is really a performance, which means that at least at the beginning, the host is a show performer in the video, he must know his subject, the products, anticipate the answers, ask questions (without being afraid of not getting any answers from the chat, but on the contrary foresee that there maybe no answer and continue without losing the thread). Engaging in video is also about showing something new, something different, something less "cold" than "just the brand". It's about committing to the community, sharing life experiences, anecdotes, parts of your personality.

Engagement will inevitably come with time (and good marketing), but few consumers will engage with only selling content. In fact, even if your audience is interested in your brand, the behind-the-scenes secrets, they will become more attached to you through your personal branding. What is your personal story? What is your creative process, but also what are your daily hassles that the viewers can relate to?

At last, this commitment will be all the stronger in a seamless experience on the app.

Provide a Seamless Shopping Experience

A seamless experience is a smooth, unobstructed experience, one without delays or errors, specially in video. Online, the best possible experience starts with the performance of the website, i.e. its speed. The best way to achieve this is to check that the site of the brand meets the market standard speed criteria (a check-up can be done on many online tools).

Many e-retailers have already seen significant improvements in their conversion rates by enhancing their performance. Often the gain comes from a reduction in the resources used or the number of server calls to provide the entire site. When it comes to live shopping or livestream on mobile, customers expect the same kind of quality standard: a fluid, real-time experience with interactivity and the ability to easily access chat and products at the same time, specially when it comes to streaming.

That's what we offer at Live Me Up, a real-time experience that allows your viewers to enjoy a simple yet rich experience. In Live Me Up, products are shoppable directly in the stream, so customers can access product sheets. Then they just have to put the product in their cart to buy it!

Live in the App and on the Web

Our prospects (Shopify prospects for example) often ask us why live commerce would be more interesting on the web than on an app delivered through social networks for example. In fact, social networks are great for building audiences, but when it comes to getting those audiences to do something, it becomes more complicated. Because social networks have educated us to do few really engaging actions: the proof is, the progressive disappearance of the "like" considered as little revealing of the real affection of the users towards the contents.

Users can buy on the platforms, but this is not the way they were built: they can welcome the brands' speech and offer a new space for content discovery. But do they really engage to sell? The space is saturated with ads, so brands' ability to speak out to sell is made complex. Unlike social networks, a brand's website (and an app) has been recognized since a long time by users as a place where transactions take place (specially on the mobile device). It is the place where the account connexion and the data themselves are as secure as possible to accommodate sales. It is also the place where the user creates his/her customer account and has his/her order history. So, if streaming occurs on the website, viewers will be naturally attracted by it and will watch it.

It is therefore the ideal place to host live shopping.

Key features

Dynamic Live Selection

Before launching your livestream on Shopify, a product feed is created in the Live Me Up console, and this product feed is a feature that allows you to give all the dynamics of the live. During the live shopping session, the presenter will be able to show the desired product while the moderator pushes it on the screen at the time of the presentation. The different products are linked, but the spectator can always click to see to the previous products presented if he connected later in the live or if the later showed products arouse his interest less.

Forecast Revenue

With the live and especially the key figures as a feature that we offer in our live shopping solution, you can schedule your performance and enhance your markering strategy for future events: start your first live shows to understand how to gradually increase your traffic, your engagement rate and then your sales. From live to live, you will be able to predict which topics bring you the most sales and schedule your live editorial calendar according to the income you want to trigger. A good way to predict your future marketing as well... and become the best !

Messenger notifications

The most strategic part is getting as many consumers as possible to your event and that's not always easy! Your audience may be very interested when you announce the event, they may even confirm that they are going to attend! But, problem, consumers are not present on D-Day ... because they simply forgot your event!
However, even if you can activate a lot of revenue with replays, live is also great to capture fresh feedback and sales during livestream! Thus, with the SMS live reminder feature on mobile, audiences will no longer miss any of your live events on your Shopify!

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