Agencies Partners Program

Become part of our collaborative program, where we join forces together to create video commerce shared values, innovative ecomm solutions, and superior customer results that surpass individual capabilities.

Help your clients to unleash their creativity with Live shopping

What makes Live shopping and video commerce so important ?

Live embodies brand

Brands deserve to be live. Customers want to hear and see creators talking about their stories, products and more.

Live is engaging

By embodiment, customers listen to brand creators carefully. They interact and chat. A community is born.

Live is good for growth

Community creates retention. The more brands are doing Live sessions, the more they generate brand love, traffic and sales.

Be part of the video commerce trend and stay one step ahead !

It's just the beginning.

Partners benefits

What's the value for you to work with us ?

Video commerce immersion

Be part of the video commerce trend and get insights of the industry. We share with you use cases, performances, news and more. To make sure you will always remain one step ahead.

full support

Get unlimited free access to our platform. Plus we set demos and train your team to use our tech and video commerce as much as it takes.


Include Live Me Up in your commercial package to increase your retention. Video commerce offers multitudes of ecomm customisations : homepage, products sheets ... Your clients will always need your services.


Let's have a direct communication channel to share tips and business opportunities and work together on co-marketing operations.

How do we work together ?

✓ Let's book a call and plan our first demo together
✓ Join our exclusive Slack channel for direct communication
✓ Get free access to our platform
✓ Let's talk about respective opportunities
✓ Get rewarded with a revenue share

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

And grow together.
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