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5 innovative ideas to stand out in Live Shopping

Live Shopping is an online retail practice that combines real-time video streaming with real-time purchasing opportunities. Discover 5 ideas you can implement in live shopping to stand out from your competitors.
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September 7, 2023

What is Live Shopping?

Live Shopping, also known as "Shoppable Live Streaming" or "Live Commerce," is an online retail practice that combines real-time video streaming with real-time purchasing opportunities. Typically, during a live shopping session, a brand representative showcases products and/or services live through a live video broadcast on an online platform, usually on social media or on a dedicated live streaming platform. During the live broadcast, viewers can ask questions and interact with the host, and most importantly, make purchases by clicking on links or purchase buttons associated with the showcased products. To manage live moderation effectively, it's more convenient to have two individuals conducting a live shopping session.

Live Shopping offers several advantages, including the opportunity for consumers to see products in action, ask real-time questions, and benefit from special offers or exclusive discounts to be used only during the live session. It's also possible to create a sense of urgency since some products may be in limited quantity and exclusively offered during the live broadcast. This approach combines the in-store and online shopping experiences, making it an increasingly popular trend in the e-commerce industry.

Now that you understand what live shopping entails, in this article, we've compiled 5 innovative ideas to help you stand out in live shopping.

Idea #1 Collaborate with Influencers

To boost your live broadcasts on your e-commerce site, we recommend inviting one or more influencers who match your brand values. They can engage both their own community and potential customers, encouraging them to buy your products and services. In this way, you can reach a wider audience and increase your visibility. By combining a live shopping strategy to set yourself apart from your competitors with the influence of a well-known social media personality, you can achieve even better results.

Idea #2 Restream on Social Media

Livemeup offers a brand new feature - restreaming on your social networks. If you're a fan of social media, your strategy revolves around it, and you want to engage your community, this idea is tailor-made for you! Restreaming not only keeps you active on your social media platforms but also engages your community and drives traffic to your website by inviting viewers to purchase your products directly from your site. Livemeup offers restreaming options on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Discover the steps to follow in the help desk.

Idea #3 VIP Program

Give your community the opportunity to immerse themselves in your world by inviting them to participate in live shopping events. For an even more memorable experience, offer them an exclusive promotional code, granting them a sense of privilege while allowing them to use it during our live sessions to purchase your products. A pro tip is to announce this code towards the end of the live session to achieve an interesting average time spent. Don't miss out on this opportunity to forge stronger connections with your audience while boosting your sales.

Idea #4 Augmented Reality Live Shopping

Incorporating this trend into your live shopping sessions opens up exciting possibilities. It provides your audience with a unique opportunity to demonstrate how your products seamlessly fit into their own world. Imagine a vast selection of home furniture with the option to add background décor, making it easier for customers to visualize their future purchase and enhancing the appeal and immersion of the live shopping experience. This innovative strategy has the potential to revolutionize your approach to live shopping, creating deeper and more meaningful interactions with your customer base.

Idea #5 Thematic Organization

Live Shopping offers great flexibility for brands to organize special live events that align with seasons, celebrations, and key moments for your brand. Take advantage of the back-to-school buzz, Black Friday excitement, or the magic of the holiday season to highlight relevant product categories. This strategic approach allows you to stay on-trend with seasonal shifts, increase audience engagement, and boost sales by offering tailored shopping experiences for every occasion.

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