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7 examples of Live Shopping at major retailers.

In this article, we will explore how iconic brands like Carrefour, Monoprix, Printemps, and Micromania have seized the opportunity to directly connect with their audience through live shopping.
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July 21, 2023

Live shopping is a trend that is revolutionizing the online shopping experience! In this article, discover the major retailers that have enthusiastically embraced this digital revolution. Live shopping has conquered the retail industry by offering an innovative approach to interact with consumers in real-time.

Live shopping promises to revolutionize our way of shopping online, and these major retailers are at the forefront of this exciting transformation.

Discover how these brands are using this innovative approach to create unforgettable shopping moments.

Live Shopping Jules

Jules is a made in France ready-to-wear brand for men. The brand is highly committed and advocates strong values such as engagement and accessibility. Several months ago, the brand decided to venture into a new live shopping strategy. For example, live shopping summer is hosted by Koh-Lanta's Brice and collection manager Estelle, who will present outfit ideas to brighten up your summer.

Photo credit: Live shopping Jules Summer

Live Shopping Printemps

Live shopping at Printemps represents an innovative, interactive, and entertaining shopping experience that transforms the way customers discover and purchase products. With this approach, Live shopping creates a more dynamic and engaging experience than traditional online shopping, allowing customers to see products in action live and take advantage of special offers or exclusive events related to these presentations. The Live sessions include makeovers, challenges, and contests to engage their entire community.

Photo Credit: Live shopping Printemps

Live Shopping Micromania

Through live video sessions, Micromania showcases its latest releases, exclusive products, and offers customers the opportunity to discover games and accessories in real-time. These live sessions are hosted by video game experts, gaming influencers, or even representatives from partner brands who share their knowledge and passion for the gaming universe.

During the live shopping events, viewers can ask questions in real-time, get gameplay demonstrations, and take advantage of special offers or exclusive discounts on the featured products. This allows customers to make more informed purchasing decisions and feel more connected to the Micromania community.

Photo Credit: Live shopping Micromania

Live Shopping Decathlon

Decathlon is doing the same by diving into live shopping! With its Decath'Live page, the brand lists all of its live sessions on a single page. During the live events, the brand showcases its products and answers all the questions posed by its audience.

Photo credit: Live shopping Decathlon

Live Shopping H&M

H&M uses live shopping to showcase its new collections with influencers and offer special deals to its customers. The live shopping events are broadcasted on the brand's website as well as on social media platforms. Now, LiveMeUp offers simultaneous broadcasting, as part of its pro and business subscriptions, enabling users to stream simultaneously on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Discover how it works.

Photo Credit: Live shopping H&M on Facebook with 3 content creators.

Live Shopping La Redoute

La Redoute is a French retailer specializing in online sales of clothing, home products, and fashion items that has implemented live shopping initiatives to engage with its customers. On their website, La Redoute regularly offers live video shopping sessions. During the live shopping events, the brand showcases products, answers customer questions, and provides additional information about the items for sale.

Photo Credit: Live shopping La Redoute We love denim.

Live Shopping Carrefour

Live shopping at Carrefour is an interactive and immersive shopping experience that allows customers to discover products live and in real-time while interacting with experts and influencers. Through live videos on Carrefour's website, customers can explore products in a more tangible and vibrant way, ask questions in real-time, receive expert advice, and even make purchases on the spot. With live shopping, Carrefour showcases its wide range of products, special offers, and connects closely with its customer base by creating memorable shopping moments.

Photo Credit: Live shopping Carrefour Bons plans

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