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Top Shopify Apps Made in France

Discover in this article an exclusive selection of French e-commerce applications available on the Shopify App Store. Designed by talented teams in France.
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June 20, 2023

In 2021, online sales accounted for approximately 13% of total retail turnover in France, representing an increase of over 10% compared to the previous year. This upward trend is explained by changing consumer habits, the growing popularity of online shopping, and the ease of access to e-commerce platforms. This share continues to grow significantly.

In the borderless ocean of e-commerce, France is emerging as a major player, propelled by its technological ingenuity and spirit of innovation. While we often think of large international companies when it comes to e-commerce solutions, it is time to reveal the hidden treasures at the heart of the Hexagon. With a desire to showcase Made in France and promote local talent, we present an exclusive selection of e-commerce applications designed by French teams. These applications, all available on the Shopify App Store, offer advanced features and impeccable quality, competing with international solutions. Whether it's simplifying order management, improving sales conversion, or personalizing the customer experience, Made in France applications offer you a high-performance and innovative alternative to boost your online store. Get ready to dive into the world of French e-commerce and discover the technological gems that will make your online business shine.

LiveMeUp - The Live Shopping Solution

LiveMeUp is a French application that allows brands to create and broadcast live shopping sessions and shoppable videos. It aims to enhance customer engagement and retention. The application offers a seamless experience integrated with Shopify, enabling one-click live streaming and publishing of replays without technical obstacles. LiveMeUp allows brands to share their stories, showcase their products, and demonstrate how to use them, creating authenticity and connection with customers. By using live shopping, brands generate brand love, traffic, and sales on their e-commerce site. LiveMeUp provides a powerful solution to captivate customer attention, strengthen long-term relationships, and generate instant sales.

Shopify app link: The Live Shopping Solution

Crisp - Customer Relationship Solution

Crisp is a French customer service software/helpdesk designed to improve interaction and communication between businesses and their customers. With Crisp, businesses can easily integrate a chatbot and FAQ widget on their website, enabling them to engage visitors in real-time and respond to their questions or concerns. The application also offers messaging features, allowing customers to communicate with the company through various channels such as chat, email, or social media, all centralized in a single user interface. Crisp offers advanced tools such as visitor tracking, automated responses, and analytics reports to help businesses better understand their customers and provide quality service. The Crisp application is available in French and provides an intuitive user experience, making it easy to manage customer interactions and improve customer satisfaction.

Shopify app link: Customer Relationship Solution

StoreCommander - Optimizing your product catalog back-office

StoreCommander is a French application for managing online stores, specifically designed for Shopify users. It offers advanced features for easily managing product catalog data. Users can filter, sort, and process all the data of an e-commerce store in bulk.It is also possible to work on updating prices and quantities, creating variants, managing collections, metafields, and more. The application simplifies photo management by allowing direct integration via smartphone.Store Commander is a powerful, ergonomic, and user-friendly solution for optimizing management and productivity in Shopify stores.

Shopify app link: Back Office Optimization

Baback - Exchange and Returns Management

The French application Baback is a comprehensive solution for inventory and order management for online stores. It allows merchants to centralize and simplify the management of their inventory, orders, and logistics. Baback offers advanced features such as creating product variants, managing suppliers, automating order processing workflows, and providing analytics tools to track performance. With its user-friendly interface, Baback helps merchants save time, optimize logistics, and provide efficient service to their customers. It is a complete solution for improving the management of online stores and fostering business growth.

Shopify app link: Exchange and Returns Management

Makappi - Mobile App Creation

Makappi is a French application that allows e-commerce merchants to easily create customized mobile applications for their store without writing a single line of code. The application offers a user-friendly interface and provides a variety of functionalities, such as content customization, integration of specific features, sending notifications, and publishing on iOS and Android platforms. It is an effective solution to boost mobile retention and sales.

Shopify app link: Mobile App Creation

Quable - PIM Platform

Quable is a French Product Information Management (PIM) application that allows businesses to centralize and manage their product information effectively. It offers advanced features such as data enrichment, team collaboration, multichannel synchronization, and performance analysis. Quable facilitates the consistent dissemination of product information across different distribution channels, helping businesses improve efficiency and sales. It is a comprehensive solution for optimized product data management.

Shopify app link: PIM Platform

Wisepops - Marketing Platform

Wisepops is a French online marketing application that allows users to easily create and manage attractive and targeted pop-ups for their website. The application offers a variety of features to customize pop-ups, trigger them at the right moment, and adapt them to visitor behavior. Wisepops enables businesses to improve engagement, capture leads, and effectively promote special offers. It is a practical solution to optimize website visitor conversion and retention rates.

Shopify app link: Marketing Platform

Payplug - Payment Solution

Payplug is an online payment solution that offers a secure, easy-to-use platform for merchants. With PayPlug, businesses can securely accept credit card payments on their website, enabling them to increase sales and provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers. What's more, PayPlug integrates transaction tracking and analysis tools to help merchants better understand their business and make more informed decisions.

FourSeeds - Loyalty Platform

FourSeeds is a French customer loyalty application that allows businesses to create personalized programs to boost engagement and increase sales. It offers advanced features such as rewards, discounts, and special offers. FourSeeds also provides analytics tools to track the performance of loyalty programs and facilitates communication with customers. It is a comprehensive solution to strengthen customer loyalty and foster business growth.

Widebundle - Bundles solution

Widebundle is a French application designed for Shopify online stores. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing bundled offers, packs, and cross-selling. The application enables merchants to easily create attractive bundled offers, increase the average order value, and boost sales.

Shopify app link: Bundles solution

Bloggle - Blog builder

Bloggle is a French app designed for Shopify. Break free of the native blog limitations & build in minutes responsive & fast blogs with Bloggle. Customize your blog layout & create nice-looking blog posts with easy drag-and-drop editor & ready-to-go templates. Drive traffic with Bloggle’s built-in SEO score checker. Convert your new users by turning your blog posts into shoppable content & use high-performing sections: buttons, videos, newsletter forms... Of course, all your work is hosted on Shopify, which is ideal for a fast blog!

Shopify app link : blog builder

Cloudshelf - in-store e-commerce

Cloudshelf is an application available exclusively on Shopify that provides e-commerce merchants with the ability to create kiosks and experiences that help secure sales in stores, pop-ups, or during events by making it easier for customers to find a desired product.

Shopify app link : in-store e-commerce

Loyoly - Loyalty Platform

Loyoly is a new generation referral and loyalty program which helps brands turn their community into a growth engine through gamification. A loyalty platform combined with UGC and reviews that enables your customers to engage with your brands.

Shopify app link : Loyalty Platform

Quanticfy - marketing attribution tool

Quanticfy is an application specially designed for Shopify e-merchants who are committed to maximizing the profitability of their advertising efforts. You can explore the most compelling channels to target your high-value customers in the short, medium and long term. Quanticfy is the marketing attribution application that gives you direct feedback on your performance. It measures the true ROAS of your advertising campaigns.

Shopify app link : marketing attribution tool

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