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Track your sales in real time with the Sales Tracker

Discover LiveMeUp's new Sales Tracker, a revolutionary tool that simplifies your dashboard by providing real-time tracking of orders and revenue.
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June 3, 2024

LiveMeUp, an innovative platform dedicated to e-commerce and user engagement, has recently introduced a groundbreaking new feature: the Sales Tracker. While the name might be a bit misleading, it is actually a conversion tracking tool designed to reflect its main function: tracking your sales.

A simplified and efficient interface

To make the user experience even more seamless and intuitive, LiveMeUp has streamlined its dashboard by integrating essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) directly onto the platform's homepage. This simplification allows users to quickly access the most important information without having to navigate through different tabs.

New KPIs added

On the homepage, you will now find two crucial new KPIs:

  • Number of Real Orders: This indicator allows you to track in real-time the number of orders placed by your customers during your live streams, replays, and shoppable videos.
  • Revenue: This KPI provides a clear and instant view of the income generated from sales made during your live streams, replays, and shoppable videos.

In addition to these two new indicators, the dashboard also displays the total views of your live streams, replays, and shoppable videos. This comprehensive view helps measure the impact of your content and better understand your audience's behavior.

In-depth analysis in the analytics tab

For those who want a more detailed analysis of their performance, the Analytics tab on LiveMeUp offers a multitude of KPIs categorized into specific sections:

  • Traffic: Track the number of visitors to your platform, the source of this traffic, and user behavior on your site.
  • E-commerce: Analyze your sales in detail, including conversion rate, average order value, and best-selling products.
  • Engagement: Evaluate your audience's interaction with your content through indicators such as live participation rate, comments, and reactions.

This organization allows you to easily identify areas that need attention and make informed decisions to optimize your sales and engagement strategy.

Adopt the Sales Tracker now and transform your insights into effective actions to boost your business.

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