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Turn your visitors into buyers with Multi-Shoppables

Boost your e-commerce with LiveMeUp’s Multi-Shoppable feature. Easily upload and organize up to six shoppable videos per page, enhancing user engagement and increasing sales.
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May 27, 2024

In the exciting world of online commerce, every innovation holds crucial importance. At LiveMeUp, we've always aimed to anticipate and meet our users' needs with cutting-edge solutions. Today, we're thrilled to announce our latest “killer feature”: the Multi-Shoppable. This highly anticipated product promises to revolutionize how consumers interact with online platforms, making shopping more intuitive and immersive than ever before. Discover how LiveMeUp is set to transform your shopping habits with this new innovation.

What is Multi-Shoppable?

The Multi-Shoppable feature allows you to add multiple shoppable videos to your website. Until now, LiveMeUp offered the option to add a single video to your product pages. Today, you can create collections of 1 to 6 short videos, which can be embedded on any page of your website.

Each video serves to accelerate the purchasing process and address customers' questions. For example, you can include videos detailing product design, composition, usage, and benefits. These videos provide a comprehensive overview, helping customers better understand and appreciate your product's features.

How About Reusing Live Shopping Replays?

You’ve probably heard about LiveMeUp’s Live Shopping solution. After each Live Shopping session, a replay is automatically available, ready to be used at any time in your communications and on your website. With the replay chaptering feature, you can extract and add only the product presentation chapter, making it shoppable on its product page. What do you think?

Boost Your E-Commerce Pages with Multi-Shoppable Videos

Multi-Shoppables offer a unique opportunity to enhance your e-commerce pages by integrating up to six shoppable videos. These immersive videos capture six times more user attention by showcasing every detail of your products and providing practical demonstrations. Additionally, they allow easy integration of Live Shopping replays and UGC videos. By showing more, Multi-Shoppables persuade more effectively and build customer trust by removing barriers to purchase. This results in six times more chances to increase your sales through the power of video.

How Does It Work?

After downloading the LiveMeUp app and logging into the platform, navigate to the Shoppable tab to upload your videos. Once all your videos are uploaded, create a collection and specify where you want this collection to appear on your website, such as the product page or homepage. Then, simply select all your videos and arrange them in your preferred order. To help you set up your Multi-Shoppables, visit the Helpdesk to follow a step-by-step tutorial complete with real-world examples and screenshots of the platform.

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