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Why is Instagram stopping the Live Shopping?

It's official: Meta is bidding farewell to live purchasing on its Facebook and Instagram apps. The group now wants to focus on shorter video formats and ads on social networks.
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July 10, 2023

Why is Instagram removing its live shopping feature?

Last October, Facebook discontinued its Live Shopping feature, followed by Instagram in March. This decision marks a shift in Meta's strategy, placing greater emphasis on new means and functionalities for e-tailers. Indeed, Meta has recently made it a priority to highlight new ways for e-tailers to improve sales. They are also looking to create more captivating content, with an emphasis on more concise formats such as videos or reels on Instagram.

But how else can you do live shopping than on social networks?

Apart from social networks, there are other means and platforms through which you can still do live shopping.

1- Live video commerce applications

Many retailers are integrating live streaming video applications into their e-commerce sites, such as LiveMeUp, specially designed for live shopping. LiveMeUp is a live shopping solution that integrates with all Shopify sites in a single click. It features live video presentations of products, and chat facilities for customers with questions. Download the app now for free from the Shopify App Store to try live shopping. Some brands use this tool to add interactive videos to all their product sheets, allowing customers to see the product in action and in real time.

2- Live streaming platform

Over the past few years, live streaming platforms have expanded rapidly. These include Youtube, with its new live feature, and Twitch, a new platform created in 2011 and specialized exclusively in live broadcasts. 

Twitch has only one difference: it doesn't allow you to buy from the video. To try out these platforms, you'll need to create a free account before you can stage your first live event.

As for the Youtube platform, it's looking to diversify in terms of new features, and is now offering a channel exclusively dedicated to live shopping in South Korea. Find out more in our article, Youtube launches its first live shopping channel. However, Youtube also allows designers to sell their products via designer videos.

Overall, attitudes to these new practices remain very mixed. Despite high demand in China since the pandemic and low demand in France, social platforms are trying to review their priorities while diversifying their offerings through new features such as live shopping. To choose the method that suits you best, it's important for retailers to define their target audience and choose the most suitable platform if you want to embark on a live shopping strategy with a pleasant and, above all, engaging experience.

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