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Horse Pilot

Use Live Shopping as a way to unite their community and increase their sales

HORSE PILOT designs technical clothing for horse riding enthusiasts.

This brand has a well built online presence, notably through ambassador programs.

The products are distributed in equestrian clubs and riding stores, but Horse Pilot wanted to :
- speak out to embody the brand
- give more expert content to the community
- to have a live where the purchase is easy to realize during the event and in few additional clicks.

The results of the first live shows: a chat that is becoming more and more animated with questions from budding or more experienced riders, a traffic on the website that has increased significantly in the days following the live show and purchases boosted by the founders and an influencer.
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Feedbacks on the Live Me Up experience

Live Shopping event of the cosmetic brand Oden


Use Live Shopping as a creative way to attract more trafic

ODEN creates natural and preservative-free botanical skincare products from plants grown in France.

The brand wanted to be more creative and innovative to attract more traffic to its website. Live shopping quickly became the solution.

Lives were already regularly animated on social networks, but it was difficult to get convincing results and to improve the transformation rate. The Live Me Up solution allowed the brand to offer a live where the product pages are available on the live and one-click purchases are possible.

The tool is also used to demonstrate brand engagement because live events (and then replays) get much more traffic than the "missions" or "about" pages of a website, which are often shunned by Internet users.

Oden's success: the brand already had a clear idea of how it wanted to exploit the potential of live shopping. Its choice: alternate themes to fit its strategy. And it works!

Success in a few figures

9x more

viewers in replay than in live

6x more

sales between the 1st and the 3rd live

Le rêve chez vous

Use Live Shopping as an element of global reinsurance and conversion rate increase

Le Rêve Chez Vous specializes in garden furniture and accessories, which it solely distributes online.

The challenge of online sales for this sector: customers who need to be reassured about the assembly and maintenance of products. Many, often similar, questions come back to the customer support team. Very quickly, the need to optimize the team's schedule while guaranteeing satisfaction in pre-sales became apparent.

The right strategy: hack the live shopping tool to extract permanent content posted on the product pages.

This hijacking of the tool boosted the time spent by Internet users on the product pages. Visitors are more engaged, reassured, and ultimately more autonomous throughout their purchase experience.

This case study shows that by giving brands the possibility to create evergreen content, live shopping opens a world of possibilities by boosting their natural referencing!

Live Shopping event of Le rêve chez vous
Live shopping session of Bella Ballou

Bella Ballou

Use Live Shopping to build a strong relationship with their audience

BELLA BALLOU is a Danish brand that offers uniquely designed scarves, bags and other sustainable accessories inspired by travels around the world. The brand allows every woman to enhance her personality.

When this company contacted Live Me Up, the designers wanted to take the floor and give it to one of their influencers: a real challenge, as their online visibility had been shy until then.

Their objective was to humanize their relationship with their audience, to get direct feedback from their customers and to test a new mode of engagement built on this voice.

This new dynamic had to allow them to engage and build loyalty. The designers wanted to test their ability to unite an audience, to engage them and to convert them without a promo code thanks to a unique and privileged event. Finally, they wanted to increase traffic on their website.

"[...] Thanks to the entire [Live Me Up] team for their easy to use and Shopify friendly platform that we can only recommend! And sales as a bonus... yay!"
Pia Grønlund, founder

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