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Track your Live Shopping & Shoppable Video performance.

Boost your conversion rates with strong analytics insights on video performance.

Conversion Reports
Viewers Interactions Tracking

Track sales

Track filled carts and check out from all your Live Shopping sessions and Shoppable Videos

Viewers Interactions

Monitor total views and attendance time for all your Live sessions and Shoppable Videos.

Viewers engagement

Track Live reminders, chat participants, viewed products, messages, and likes for your videos.

Top videos

View your top Live sessions and Shoppable Videos across your ecommerce platform.

Get precious insight
into video monetization.

The analytics view of the LiveMeUp platform allows you to oversee the overall performance of your Live sessions and your Shoppable Videos. By considering these data and your progress, you can greatly improve the effectiveness and monetization of your videos by making them more attractive.

Get tracking and reports
to optimize video conversions.

By analyzing the performance of your best videos, determine what works best to further improve the user experience. These data will allow you to enhance your viewers' engagement and the number of products added to the cart.

case study

Nuoo boosts conversions by 35%
with Shoppable Videos on its product pages.

video killed the image star

Humanize ecommerce
with Live Shopping.

Ecommerce with Live Shopping converts 10x better
than e-commerce without.