How can live shopping boost your positive customer reviews by 20%?


Customer reviews are essential to grow your business. Customers inquire before ordering, especially on a website they don't know. They want to avoid being cheated by low quality items, or not being delivered at all for example.

But the first objective of customer reviews is simply to reassure: putting a face on a brand gives customers the impression of knowing better the person who puts a product on sale. A link is created and a feeling of trust as well.

Reviews can be positive or negative, but negative reviews will obviously have a much stronger impact on how consumers perceive your brand. This is unfair and may not reflect the quality of your other products (some products may be defective, a negative review may also decrease the sales of other products not concerned) or your sincerity.

Being anonymous online, disappointed people may have a spirit of revenge that does you a disservice. Even if you can answer to this online, this will leave a trace.

To restrict the production of these opinions or to make a disappointed customer think twice, set up a policy of close communication with your customers.

Live shopping will answer this proximity strategy, in 5 points.

# 1 : Live shopping allows to keep it simple

In live shopping, products are showcased simply and truthfully, no cheating or misinformation is possible on a size or color. The chat also allows you to answer all your questions live and to lock in your choice to buy or not.

In other words, in a live show you totally get out of a certain image that you sometimes wanted to build in your marketing strategy, and that's a good thing! Because this image built for the communication could often mislead the consumer or create distance with him. 

Consumers want more than ever authenticity with brands, especially since their mistakes are quickly going viral and they sometimes have trouble handling bad ads. Each brand is then scrutinized in its general communication and in its crisis communication, and nothing is spared.

Mostly, it is the silence of the brands in the turmoil that increased the disengagement of customers. By keeping the dialogue and bringing the human side that can be missing in modern e-commerce, the collection of positive reviews will follow.

# 2: Teams before products

Live shopping is a way to interact with the people who are hosting it. As time goes by, especially if the brand make several live events, the same spectators will attend and a more personal relationship of trust will be created, as in real life! At Live Me Up, we watch our customers' live shopping events and we really see a link created as we go along, our customers end up calling their customers by their first names!

Feeling that we know the people who are hosting live shows will calm down possible tensions, humanize and to curb the urge to comment negatively, if, afterwards, the we are disappointed. 

Live shopping creates a space of trust reminding us that we are simply humans behind the screens!

# 3: Live, an opportunity to seize for getting customer reviews

Feedbacks gathered during live events leads to two strategies: “real” live feedbacks and feedbacks posted on a platform, motivated by a reward.

First you can ask for reviews during a non-formalized exchange, you can encourage all the people who are watching the live event to give their opinion following a purchase. You can even ask for live reviews and rate them to republish them, with the agreement of the participants.

You can also motivate the submission of reviews thanks to different incentives or rewards: indicate that an email requesting a review comes after any purchase and that anyone who buys a product during this live event and who leaves a review will get a surprise in their next order.

# 4: Advertising and accountability

Live Broadcasting is a new experience that has a certain impact on the audience.

Participating in live shows can have a greater impact on brand remembering, but also on products and the moment itself. The user engages in a whole new way, and if the experience is enjoyable, there can be a sense of accountability to the brand that drove the good experience. 

So the review can serve as a kind of thank you to the brand for allowing the customer to have an experience that another brand did not offer. 

Finally, the live event will help to flesh out the positive reviews outside the live platform thanks to the many details given during the event.

# 5: Live chat as a feedback tool

The Live Me Up live shopping interface is designed to maximize interaction. That's why it provides a chat, which will also be displayed during replays.

This space will welcome, without any risk of fraud (false opinions), the feedbacks of the users, it is an integrated opinion gathering space where the spectators leave a spontaneous trace of what they think! 

The live chat of the live shopping allows the future spectators of the replays to have a new space of confidence, without any risk of fraud  (false opinion), where they can see the reviews left by other customers during the live shows!


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