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Social Restreaming

Simultcast your Live Session across all your Social Medias to engage as many people as possible.
Case Study

Roll On Jade doubles viewers
with Instagram restream.

With its first simulcast on Instagram, Melody achieved +100% more Live viewers than its predecessor, with an average presence time of 17 minutes.

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This app is user friendly, customizable to your brand and adds a ton of value to our customers which differentiates our business from the rest. Elena, Bruno and team have been fantastic to work with and their feedback is greatly appreciated.
Jaden Kim
Glownique, Canada
1st try with Live Me Up app, really great! We are renewing the experience very soon! The team guides us before, during and even after, there is really a personalized follow-up! The tool works well, easy to handle! I recommend :)

Leonard Jones
Saeve Paris, France
Great application, we are very satisfied with our first Live and we will do it again very soon. Lots of cool and constantly evolving features.
The team is also super responsive and the support is very personalized, which is really appreciated. Go there with your eyes closed! :)
Laia Guardia-Morin
Elise Chalmin, France