Why you should invest in a live social platform

What is live streaming ?

Live streaming is an instant broadcast of a video stream. The repercussion of this type of broadcast: no editing or post video addition can be envisioned. The live streaming in marketing implies a minimum of preparation on the message that we want to communicate during the live, because it is about communication, branding and sales.

The interest of an instantaneous broadcast is to be able to connect to an audience, but most of the live streams that brands launch tend to suffer from a random quality and a rather unpleasant lag for the spectators. It's the famous journalistic reporting where the reporter takes a few seconds to answer the question asked by the journalist.  Unpleasant isn't it?

Live Me Up has immediately solved this issue by offering a platform without any latency. For us, live is real live in real time, and it changes everything for your live events: more quality, the opportunity to answer directly to the chat questions for an incomparable user experience!

By the way, can you really take advantage of live streaming ?

What are the Benefits of live streaming ?

The first great point is the spontaneity and authenticity of the content. The viewers attend a demonstration, but also an interaction, a course, a tutorial, in short, so many contents gathered in one. The other positive aspect of such tools is that it solves a growing concern about online acquisition costs. In recent years, many companies are wondering whether they should continue to invest in media that do not yield as much return on investment as they used to.

Worse: they are now losing money on these media. Everyone wonders how to continue to launch relevant ads when it is difficult to know your customers as well as before (the cause: less cookies and apps that make users not accept to be tracked (iPhone))So acquisition is a real concern, and its counterpart, loyalty, is too.

Live shopping allows to quickly make an acquisition campaign profitable: during live sessions, the conversion rate usually observed is around 15%! And the replays generated by our app allow you to take advantage of sales generated passively many months after your event! Live sessions and replays also allow you to create a regular appointment with your customers and to build loyalty.

Starting out in live commerce

How do you know if live commerce is right for you and not one of those trendy tools that won't work for you? Many clients ask us this question. "Should I go for it? My site doesn't get much traffic, is that a good idea? I don't have a large audience, should I still install the app?"

It has to be noted that live shows need to take time to get into the scene. It is similar to producing a video and takes more time than a simple photo to post on Facebook.

A marketing team already takes time to produce content to broadcast on social media, it is therefore legitimate to ask the question of live shopping on its website.

A brand that regularly publish a video on Youtube feel surely more comfortable with live streaming. Their audience is also more used to the brand offering events. So the only new thing for them is to broadcast live instead of publishing a video. So should you start now ?

The answer is yes, you should start live selling and live videos!

One, because our team will bring you support to help you step by step and set the best strategy for you. Indeed, launching liveshopping is not enough.

Want to know a little more already? Take a look at our guides on the subject: whether you're a merchant in the beauty sector or looking for tips and hacks for growth, these guides are bound to provide all the answers to your first questions.

Getting back to our clients' questions, if they have little traffic or are having trouble growing their audience, it's often because they lack the right tool to help them achieve their goals. They have often tried to launch social lives on Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok, and this is a good idea to test themselves on social live.

But live audiences are extremely volatile, they switch from one live stream to another without sticking to your content. Preparing a live show requires a lot of work, it's a pity that the audience doesn't stay for the whole broadcast...and that it doesn't have an automatic replay easily accessible.

Live streaming on your social networks do not become automatic replays on your website! And these replays give your visitors a good reason to come and stay on your site! So start live commerce with an app to generate revenue and achieve your goals!

Social networks' algorithms put forward live contents

Another reason to go live on your site is that social networks seem to push this media for many years now. After photos and short videos, the content highlighted by networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo is live video.

Why ? Because live speaking is an eye-catcher for audiences. Just like in real life: something is happening live, you want to know what it is, you want to be part of it!

By 2023, brands will spend more and more of their marketing budget on live social content, which they will still carry out on their social networks, but also on their website.

Some of them have already started social lives on their Instagram and proceeding them on their own website: during the live, the brand tells followers to leave Instagram and come to the site.

The benefit of an onsite installed app is that it allows viewers to focus on one place to watch.

Followers can actually follow the brand from different social platforms. Sometimes it's hard to know if the brand will ultimately be on Tiktok or Instagram.

By allowing viewers to go back to the website, brands send a clearer message.

Combine the social live with a platform to improve monetization

Although, as we said above, investing in social media can be counterproductive, there can be a real interest in combining its social network and its website.

On Instagram or Facebook, the brand has created a known audience. Viewers can become customers. But the law on personal data protection and the end of automatic tracking for iOS users have stopped any hope of low cost advertising for years to come, as you must know.

Monetization of audiences is a huge pain point.

There is a lasting solution for every business: restore the customer relationship, process the data cleanly and regain power over audience identification. Who are the visitors surfing on your site? Are they just fans who will never buy?

To get a good monetization of the audience while presenting your brand and your message and improving the quality of the customer relationship, you have to get out of the social network interface while capitalizing on what you have gained: you know your followers better, if you advertized you get conversions displayed in the performance dashboard, so you know what products are best sellers and the best time to highlight them to the right audience!👍

What we are trying to tell you is that live stream that allows you to improve monetization of the audience certainly started on social platforms a few years ago, but it is now more profitable on your site.

At last, it also allows you to control the data of your customers, to identify them, to collect information with their agreement to bring them the best possible service.

Which features ?

As live streaming and live social in general is still not very widespread, it is difficult to compare the platforms that can provide this service.

  • Just choose an app that is able to provide you with an incomparable customer service: starting a live stream may not always be easy, it's comforting to know that you can rely on a customer support team, able to assist you in any time zone (and we don't say that because it's the case at Live me Up 😉
  • Then, choose the platform that brings you the best features. But what does that mean? Which app will allow you to offer a great event that people will love?
    The great experience is first of all real time. By allowing viewers to watch an event for free that has no lag in its broadcast, you're offering the best experience possible.

    Because viewers immediately realize there is a lag: they talk in the chat and get an answer 8 seconds later... not great!
  • Finally, choose an app for which the mobile experience is a priority! Users are buying more and more on mobile versions of sites or on apps.
    They don't want to waste their time on a computer and often shun the experience on a tablet.

    You must therefore opt for an app that reflects the codes of mobile: optimized vertical image, fast loading, interaction similar to social networks!

Which product and audience?

Your social live stream will only attract your community if it is built with the right products, the ones your community loves. In fact, your live event, especially if it's your first one, will have to feature your best sellers. But is this the only possible strategy?

Because your best sellers may not need a live event to be highlighted. At Live Me Up we advise you to start your events with your best sellers and place products that have a harder time selling during the event.

This way, you will have a larger audience that will be ready to put forward those products that are less popular. The live social event becomes the way to get answers to your questions: do these products keep on selling poorly once they are put forward in live?

Why: ask your community directly in the chat! Finally, if the products don't find their audience, it's maybe time to change your offer.Through this example, you can see that live shopping is also a real decision-making tool, thanks to the close contact with the audience. Does this audience have to be special for your event to be successful?

In principle, no, but it is true that it will be more or less available depending on the time of day or the day of the week. You must therefore make sure that they are available or ensure that you put enough emphasis on the replays once they are available.

Why you should go live on your website instead of social media platforms ?

Good question, Sherlock! 😉 But you may have found the answer already if you've gone so far in this page !

Well, you are having more and more trouble getting traffic to your site. Your audiences are mainly staying on your social networks instead of coming to your site, where there is something interesting happening for your business.

That's why live shopping on your own plateform of your website is a good strategy.

We did not mentionned that before, but on social platforms, your content disappear after a few seconds, because audiences are not really invited to participate in your social live on a platform. Most of the time, viewers just stumble upon it!

You would rather like to have audiences that are pleased to watch your live show and listen to you than people who are just watching in passing, would'nt you ?

That's what live shopping can do, and a live shopping app on your site will truly transform your live social. You'll be able to bring your audience and your customers together in one place and track how your audience becomes your customers, and how your customers become even more loyal customers.

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