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Restream your Live Shopping on Social Networks

Livemeup, an app dedicated to live shopping streamed directly on e-comm websites, has expanded its features by introducing "restreaming" on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
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September 7, 2023

What is restreaming?

Livemeup, an application dedicated to live shopping streamed directly on e-commerce websites, has expanded its features by introducing "restreaming" on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This option allows users to broadcast their live shopping sessions simultaneously on various social media platforms. This feature proves to be particularly valuable in addressing traffic issues on social networks. For instance, in response to the sudden halt of live shopping on Instagram, Livemeup's restreaming option on social media can serve as an alternative and effective solution.

What are the advantages of restreaming on social media?

For brands closely tied to social media, detaching from it to implement new strategies can be challenging. This is where restreaming comes into play, offering these brands the opportunity to engage their community in visiting their website while increasing their conversion rates. As for other brands, in addition to engaging their community, restreaming allows them to reach a broader audience based on the audiences present on their various networks. The ultimate goal is to direct all of their communities to their website so they can explore and purchase their diverse range of products.

Livemeup offers a valuable feature for brands looking to reach a broader audience. First and foremost, using restreaming on social media allows brands to leverage the benefits provided by the platform. For example, you're probably familiar with that notification on your smartphone when a brand starts a live broadcast on Instagram. A brand that chooses the restreaming feature will have the opportunity to receive this notification, giving the impression that their live stream originates directly from the Instagram platform.

How does it work Facebook restreaming ? 

Once you've logged in to the Livemeup console, follow the usual procedure to create your live shopping.

As you scroll down the page, you'll find the "multicast" tab, where you can configure simultaneous broadcasting on Facebook. By clicking "link account," you can directly connect to your Facebook account or page where you want to relay the live broadcast happening on your e-commerce site.

Your account is now connected to Facebook! Your live stream can now be simulcast on Facebook at the same time as your live event on your e-commerce site.

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