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Live Shopping

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Simulcast Live sessions across Social Medias.

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Shoppable Video

Turn the power of your video content into revenue.

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Make your video content shoppable and boost 5x your product page conversion rate.

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Get the best of Video Commerce tools and support to grow your business.

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Video Commerce
made simple.

This app is user friendly, customizable to your brand and adds a ton of value to our customers which differentiates our business from the rest. Elena, Bruno and team have been fantastic to work with and their feedback is greatly appreciated.
Jaden Kim
Glownique, Canada
1st try with Live Me Up app, really great! We are renewing the experience very soon! The team guides us before, during and even after, there is really a personalized follow-up! The tool works well, easy to handle! I recommend :)

Leonard Jones
Saeve Paris, France
Great application, we are very satisfied with our first Live and we will do it again very soon. Lots of cool and constantly evolving features.
The team is also super responsive and the support is very personalized, which is really appreciated. Go there with your eyes closed! :)
Laia Guardia-Morin
Elise Chalmin, France

All about Live Shopping
& Shoppable Video

What is video commerce?

Video commerce is an online selling method that uses videos to showcase and promote products to customers. It allows brands to create attractive and interactive visual content to boost sales and engage customers. Live shopping and shoppable videos are good examples of video commerce.

What is live shopping?

Live shopping - or live selling - is an interactive online shopping method where users can watch videos of products presented by experts, brand creators, or influencers, ask questions, and instantly make purchases of the featured items. Beyond social media, live shopping can also be done on an e-commerce website using specialized applications like LiveMeUp, available on Shopify. Read more about live shopping in this blog post.

What is a shoppable video?

Shoppable video is an interactive form of video content that allows viewers to click on products featured in the video to get additional information and make purchases directly from the video. Shoppable video follows the same principles as live shopping but is pre-recorded and edited.

Which e-commerce platforms are compatible with live shopping and shoppable videos?

Live shopping and shoppable videos are primarily available on popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify. The LiveMeUp app is specifically designed to work with Shopify and is available in the Shopify App Store. It is a fast, seamless solution that doesn't require technical skills.

What are the benefits of live shopping for customers?

Live shopping offers an immersive and interactive shopping experience. Customers can ask questions in real-time, get product demonstrations, and see the items in action, which boosts their confidence in making online purchases.

What are the benefits of shoppable videos for customers?

Shoppable video provides customers with a more immersive and informative shopping experience. They can see the products in action, access detailed demonstrations, and make more informed purchasing decisions through interactive videos.