Social networks or website: what strategy to adopt for live shopping?


Live shopping is one of the e-commerce trends for 2023. According to a study by ReelSEO, 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. Live shopping is bringing a new lease on life for e-tailers looking for strategies that make a difference. 

Live me up offers a live shopping solution that combines the viewing of a video and the purchase of a product. Live shopping diversifies your communication content, gives your customers an experience and considerably increases your sales! According to a McKinsey study of 2021, live shopping will represent 20% of sales by 2026. However, some content creation applications offer live functionality as well. But, what criteria will you prioritize to choose the right live solution for you?

What are your goals: engage your community, increase your sales, improve your visibility? To make your search easier, we present two live solutions that meet different objectives. 

What criteria should I take into account when choosing a live shopping solution?

Social commerce to engage your community

Instagram is a purely visual social network. The goal for many advertisers: to create an aesthetically pleasing feed. The application recently gave its users a new option by offering a free live feature. Instagram is a social network that allows its users to watch videos, share images and chat with friends. 

Today, there are 500 million users on the platform, a large audience with different generations.

Instagram is not only a network of images, there are : 

  • sponsored publications (photo or video) 
  • ephemeral stories (visible only for 24 hours) 
  • guides (flow of publications with comments - tutorials, tips) 
  • real (short videos)
  • lives 

Instagram also allows you to improve the quality of your images and photos: brightness, contrasts, filters ... to create your feed according to your tastes!  To see your feed before publication, you can view it using an application like Planoly for example. 

Instagram can be viewed from a phone, computer or tablet but it is only possible to post or broadcast a live from the mobile app.

Live on social networks is called "social commerce". Instagram offers its users to make lives either to discuss and exchange with its community through a live chat, or to make a live shopping to increase its sales!

To broadcast on Instagram is very simple: 

  • Open the Instagram application 
  • Swipe right to land on the "story" feature
  • Tap the story heading while sliding your finger to the left. A little further, you will come across the "live" button 
  • All you have to do is click on the round button above, the live will start instantly. 

Instagram aims to improve its user interface by reorganizing the navigation. The objective is to encourage users to stay as long as possible on this application. To do this, Instagram decided to change the "shopping" call to action into a "content creation" button. The application quickly realized that its shopping feature was not a real success because it is not the primary feature that users are looking for.  Nevertheless, it wants to increase the engagement of the communities by replacing this button to invite users to publish more and more content and to increase the time spent on the application. 

Live shopping to boost your sales and increase your traffic

There is a similar solution with only one difference: the live broadcast on your website! 

You read that right, with Live me up your live shopping will be broadcasted directly on your website to exchange with your customers and humanize the buying process. Like on Instagram, your products can be purchased from this live video. If you are still hesitating to take the plunge, check out the craziest live shopping results. If you want to start a live shopping strategy, Live me up has prepared some lessons to launch your first live shopping. This strategy will allow you to reach your community and give them a new shopping experience. 

Social networks or website: what are the differences?

For companies, data collection is decisive in decision making. Indeed, the tech giants - GAFAM - have taken power over user data. Online advertising has become quite expensive for little result. If you want to gather all your data and keep control of it, the solution is to broadcast live shopping on your e-commerce site. 

Unlike social networks, broadcasting your live on your website allows you to increase your traffic and to gather your whole community on the same channel. If you want to increase your visibility and you want to offer your customers a live per week, thanks to Live me up you can create a live shopping page on which your lives will be hosted but also your replays.

So what's the difference between live streaming on social networks and on your website? 

How to record live videos on Instagram?

If Instagram allows the broadcasting of live videos, the app does not allow you to review this type of content in unlimited time. In fact, your community can only watch your live stream 24 hours after its broadcast. However, you can extend this period: Apple has integrated a feature to record your screen which is located in the control center at the top right of your screen. To start recording you only need to press the white circle at the bottom of your screen. To stop recording, click on the red button at the top left of your screen.

The recording of your screen will be stored in the photo gallery of your phone. Third party applications also exist on Android (Mobizen Screen Recorder for example). Problem: the files are quite heavy and your phone might run out of storage space very quickly. It's also tedious to have to remember to record your live while you're busy... broadcasting live!

The Live me up live shopping solution generates automatically and directly, at the end of your live, a replay available in unlimited on your e-commerce site!

Your broadcasts will all be listed on the same page hosted on your website. In replay or live, your customers will be able to buy from this video unlike a simple screen recording made from a live broadcast on your social networks. 

Live shopping is not only used to increase traffic on your website, to increase your turnover or to rebroadcast your replays: this solution will help you to create new marketing strategies. 

These marketing strategies will come to life thanks to the Live me up dashboard, a table that contains all your data, both live and replay. You will need these numbers to develop or deepen your strategy according to the stats of your first lives. 

On instagram, you have 3 types of accounts:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Creator 

Only the business and creator account will allow you to see the statistics of your lives only since no replay is generated. However, the statistics are limited because the primary function of Instagram is not to make live but to create a lot of content! 

Instagram and Live me up apps are available on IOS and Android. 

With Live me up, you get a 30-day trial to test a live shopping solution! 


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