Glownique lifts product pages conversion by 25% with Shoppable Video

Glownique creates make-up tutorials to help customers use their product range. The brand uses the LiveMeUp solution to produce all its Shoppable Videos, with the aim of improving the visibility of its product sheets. Within the space of an hour, Angelica generates 15 Shoppable Videos, each lasting around 3 minutes, and then integrates them into their respective product sheets. This has significantly boosted customer engagement and increased the average session length on their e-commerce site.

Glownique: the Canadian beauty brand

Glownique is a prestigious beauty brand that provides an extensive selection of luxury skincare products and high-end beauty tools. The brand goes beyond traditional marketing by offering guidance and tutorials through diverse platforms, effectively transforming its community into genuine brand ambassadors.

The context

Glownique is a high-end luxury brand that specializes in premium cosmetics, skincare products, and exquisite beauty tools crafted with utmost care. As a young brand, Glownique strives to distinguish itself from the competition and, most importantly, elevate the presentation of its products through a unique shopping experience. With determination, Glownique eagerly opted to test the LiveMeUp application as a means to actively engage its community.

The solution

The LiveMeUp application proved to be a remarkable find for Glownique. With the help of LiveMeUp team, Angelica effortlessly produces Shoppable Videos integrate with a simple click into the product pages of her e-commerce site. These videos feature clickable and purchasable products, allowing customers to conveniently make purchases directly from the Shoppable Video.

The brand further expands its content offerings by incorporating Live Shopping in the form of makeup tutorials. This strategic move allows Glownique to diversify its content, embody its unique brand identity, and deliver an enhanced customer experience. The dedicated "Live" page consolidates all replayed videos, Live Shopping tutorials, and Shoppable Videos, which can also be conveniently accessed through the respective product pages.

What is Shoppable Video?

Shoppable videos involve creating concise videos that enable your customers to make purchases directly from video. Live videos serve as a potent marketing tool for company growth. Glownique has embraced this concept, recognizing the significance and incorporating it into their strategy.

The results

Within a span of an hour, Angelica generated 15 Shoppable Videos, each with an average duration of approximately 3 minutes, leveraging the user-friendly and intuitive solution provided by LiveMeUp. As a result, the inclusion of Shoppable Videos has led to a remarkable threefold increase in product page visits, igniting a significant surge in website traffic.

"The LiveMeUp application provides considerable added value, which sets us apart from the rest."
Jaden of Glownique

Crédit photo : Glownique

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