COURSE 2: Before starting Live Shopping

Mobilize your team around the live event

✔ On your side:

  • A project leader

✔ In the company, must and can be concerned at least:

  • The web team and the marketing team that must work in the promotion of Live

✔ In the company, must and can be concerned at least:

  • The onboarding team to guide you throughout your learning process
  • The customer success team to make your Lives a real success
  • Technical support to connect you

Choose the people in charge of the Live Shopping sessions

Two people:

- A person who manages Live from his computer (pushing products, monitoring the chat...)

- A host:

  • You!
  • Your collaborators
  • An influencer, nano, micro
  • A guest, a partner, a customer, a producer, a seller...

Having two presenters instead of one creates a rhythm to your Live.

Choose the products and the format of the live show

List the products you would like to present during the Live event. For each product, try to find a complementary product to make cross-sell or a superior product to make up-sell during the Live.The theme is the reason for the Live, the format is the way you will present your products. The estimated performance of the replay is to be taken into account in the choice of themes.

Indeed, the replay continues to generate traffic and sales several months after the Live broadcast. For this reason, we recommend combining evergreen themes, viewable at any time of the year (e.g. How to choose your moisturizer?) and others linked to specific events (e.g. Mother's Day).

Try iterating on themes and formats to find the ones that work best with your audience.

Theme ideas:

Theme ideas for Live Shopping events

Format ideas :

  • The consultative sale: The presenter highlights the product in action without forgetting to mention its qualities and benefits.
  • Previews: Through this format, you offer customers the opportunity to discover your new products and exclusivities. This is a real privilege for your consumers and an effective way to get them involved and excited.
  • Tutorials: Use tutorials primarily to teach viewers how to apply or use a specific product. You can also use them to suggest how to combine it with other products, opening up cross-selling opportunities.
  • Behind the scenes: This is a very effective format to immerse the customer in the heart of your Live, reinforce the brand image and build loyalty. To do this, use short videos that potentially go back to the manufacturing of the product or that talk about the company's internal history.
  • Interviews: Interview people (an influencer, a loyal customer...) about what they think of one of your products to reinforce the authenticity of your brand image. These livestreams also help to build credibility, increase awareness and generate traffic.
  • Questions & Answers: Engaging in a verbal exchange with your customers ensures that all the questions that block a sale are answered. Don't minimize the potential of this format that can definitely convince people to buy your products or services by removing all their doubts.
  • Private sales: Private sales allow you to retain your best customers. It is a very powerful format to reward your customers and give them that feeling of being privileged.

Plan and pace your events

✔ What frequency of Live?

  • Occasional 1x month
  • Regular 2x months
  • Frequent 1x week
  • Intensive 2x week

Start slowly with one or two Lives per month to get your audience used to this new format, then increase the frequency little by little.

💡 TIPS: Create Lives Shopping on a recurring basis, so you'll develop a usage habit with your community and build their loyalty even more

✔ When should you broadcast your live?

  • Consider looking at the login times on your Instagram account and on your website.
  • Consider varying the time of day. Try between noon and two and then in the late afternoon.
  • Ask your audience directly what time works best for them through an Instagram story.
  • Before setting a date and time for Live, be sure to check out what's on TV at the same time. Some popular shows or sporting events may greatly reduce the number of viewers.