Colineal converts at a 2x higher rate by using Live Shopping

In an innovative move, Colineal has decided to implement a live shopping strategy to invigorate its promotional sales. Live shopping is a modern approach to e-commerce.

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The Pioneer Brand in the Ecuadorian Market

Colineal is a renowned company specializing in the field of furniture, offering customers a wide range of products to enhance and beautify their interiors. Their catalog includes a variety of items, including elegant rugs, comfortable sofas, high-quality beds, and artistic canvases to adorn your walls. These products are meticulously designed with a keen focus on detail and quality, making them an ideal choice for those seeking to enhance their living spaces.

The Context

In an innovative move, Colineal has decided to implement a live shopping strategy to invigorate its promotional sales. Live shopping is a modern approach to e-commerce that combines live broadcasting and online purchasing. Through live shopping, customers can view products in real-time, ask questions, and make purchases directly during the live stream. This initiative aims to provide a fresh shopping experience by offering special deals and attractive discounts during a favorable shopping period.

The Solution

Colineal demonstrates true innovation by integrating live shopping into its promotions, and this initiative is reinforced by the use of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) as a key tool. This software plays a crucial role in enabling the brand to create an engaging and interactive live shopping experience.

One of OBS's key features is the ability to add text and images. This means that during live shopping sessions, Colineal can include relevant information such as product names, features, and promotions. This integration significantly enhances the shopping experience by providing viewers with all the information they need to make a purchase more easily.

Furthermore, Colineal employs multiple cameras during its live shopping sessions. This multi-camera approach provides viewers with varied and dynamic perspectives. They can see the products from different angles, appreciate the details more thoroughly, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of what Colineal offers through a captivating experience. This combination of technological innovations and customer engagement aims to strengthen the brand's presence in the market while addressing the evolving needs of online shoppers and staying current with new trends.

The Results

During its very first live shopping event, the Colineal brand successfully captured the attention of 215 viewers. This audience attests to the interest generated by this new brand initiative and indicates a promising start for this innovative strategy. The brand achieved a conversion rate of 3%, with a total of 240 product pages viewed—an impressive performance that reflects genuine success. This live shopping event attracted an engaged audience, resulting in the conversion of a significant number of viewers into actual customers. For Colineal, this strategy has been deployed to amplify an innovative approach to online commerce and customer interaction.

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