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Sales Tracker

AI Magic Content


Supercharge your pages with up to 6 Shoppable Videos.

Capture 6 times more user attention with immersive videos revealing every detail of your product. Multi-Shoppables do more than just show more; they persuade more and build customer trust by removing purchase barriers.

That's 6 times more chances to boost your sales
through the power of video.

Sales Tracker

Track all the sales from your Live Shopping and Shoppable Videos.

Evaluate the performance of your Live Shopping and Shoppable Videos in real-time by keeping an eye on essential KPIs such as total number of orders, average basket size, and total revenue generated by your videos.

Sales Tracker becomes your ultimate ally for enhancing your shows and turning your videos into true sales machines.

AI Magic Content

Unleash the power of AI
in your Live Shopping experience.

Magic Content listens to your Live and delivers a summary of your event. With this intelligent content, craft an engaging article or email, or create a captivating post for your social networks. Everything is ready, all that's left is to publish.

Treat yourself to these 2 hours of gained freedom
to prepare for your next Live Shopping session!

The fastest-growing eCom brands
already use Live Shopping & Shoppable Videos.

By embracing live video sessions and exclusive promotions, IGK Hair showcased the power of innovation in modern retail, achieving remarkable results and staying ahead in a competitive market.

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"We've used a lot of live shopping apps and this is definitely one of the better live shopping apps out there! [...] Customer service is stellar. I can't recommend this app enough." Stacey Goldstein, Founder Lola Getts

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With Shoppable Video, Nuoo reassures consumers and presents key elements to help reduce hesitation and friction when making a purchase.

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Shoppable Videos on-site
views per video
increased conversion

"Live Shopping allows me to fully embody my brand on my website. The live shopping page has quickly become one of the most visited pages on the site." Marion, founder Oden

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