Oden lifts conversion rate by 4 with Live Shopping

The Oden brand was founded in 2017 by Marion. Together and with her entire team, they bring the brand to life by offering a wide range of natural botanical skincare products. With its strong community on social networks, Oden wishes to increase traffic on its website.

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Increase in conversion rate

With its strong community, very engaged on social networks, Oden wishes to increase the traffic on its website. Today, live shopping and replays have allowed Oden to increase its conversion rate by 5 and the overall traffic of its website by +5%.

Oden : a family story !

The Oden brand was founded in 2017 by Marion accompanied by her mother, Laurence. Together and with her entire team, they bring the brand to life by offering a wide range of natural botanical care products created from French plants to take care of yourself.

The challenge

Oden has a strong community on Instagram

Oden's greatest strength is its engaged community on the social network Instagram. Oden wants to help its audience in choosing the most appropriate products for them.

Oden presents its different products, in a regular way on its social networks from various supports and contents: posts, videos, real... Oden wishes to better monetize its content and to create a more friendly meeting with its community !

Live Shopping was quickly a solution for the brand, which already had many strong points to make its first broadcast a real success. Marion, the brand's founder, is comfortable speaking in front of her users about subjects that interest them. Sharing tips, advice and exchanging with her community live is everything Oden dreamed of !

The solution

Oden chooses the Live Me Up application as a Live Shopping solution. Customizable according to its needs, Oden appreciates the ease of the tool to broadcast a live and the speed of the replay generated directly at the end of its live on its e-commerce site.

Today, Oden broadcasts one live per month to present its different products in its store based in Paris. A unique moment for its community which appreciates its exchanges !

#Diverse and varied products

The Oden brand is creative, making sure to offer different themes on its lives to please its entire community. Each month, Oden prepares a live show by communicating on its social networks several days before its broadcast. On the program of its lives: interviews of guests, tips, tutorials and presentation of its products.

Live Shopping is an excellent support to increase its conversion rate and Oden has understood it well!

"Live Shopping allows me to fully embody my brand on my website."

Marion, founder of Oden

The results

After several months of using the solution, the results are very promising. The live shopping page has quickly become one of the most visited pages on the site. Oden has achieved one of its objectives, to increase the traffic of its website! Indeed, the overall website traffic has increased by +5%.

By publishing the replays on its live shopping page, Oden has increased its conversion rate by 4 times. The brand continues the replay experience with an average session time of 28 minutes, giving its audience the opportunity to purchase its various products even on replay !

Photo credit : Oden

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